A German expert on the Balkans has offered a proposal for the solution of Kosovo problem: What is the so-called Ischinger's plan?

I can strongly support that president Vucic, as he told me, invests all of his energy in searching for possibilities to solve this issue- said Wolfgang Ischinger

German expert for the Balkans Wolfgang Ischinger, the creator of the 2007 Kosovo-based solution to the Kosovo problem, says for today's "Politika" that the solution for Kosovo is not even close.

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As he said, he would be the first one to welcome it, if there is a plan which met the wide support in the Serbian society and parliament and equal support on Kosovo.

Ischinger said that in that case, there are assumptions there won't be a new powder keg and new problems.

- We are currently miles, not to say light years away from such assumptions and conditions, and I can strongly support that president Vucic, as he told me, invests all of his energy in searching for possibilities to solve this issue- said Ischinger.

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Ischinger, who since 2009 presides over the world's largest forum to discuss the challenges of the modern world - the Munich Security Conference, has been back in Belgrade for the time being for the international conference "Balkan Dialogue", and had a work lunch with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Ischinger expressed his gratitude for the invitation of President Vucic to be his guest and to have a comprehensive conversation, also, he is thankful to the president Vucic because he answered the invitation in February and he talked with a lot of experts and politicians, including Hashim Thaci, about the possibilities of solving the Kosovo issue.

The most difficult problem in regulating relations between Belgrade and Pristina is the international recognition of one entity and another, Ishinger pointed out, reminding that the so-called Ischinger Plan had the subject of concluding an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina without mutual international recognition.


- Not much has changed in the past ten years, there is still a huge problem of international recognition - says Ischinger.

According to him, it would be worthwhile to think about whether certain elements from the so-called Ischinger Plan can be applied to the current situation.

- If someone has a better plan, we should take it. However, if there are no better plans, perhaps some elements from the 2007 plan could be useful - Ischinger considers.

If an agreement could be reached between Belgrade and Pristina on the change of borders, and if both governments and both parliaments agreed, there is nothing from the international law that can be opposed to that solution, concluded Ischinger for Politika.

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