The USA strikes Russia in a hidden message! They are using the crisis on Kosovo to remain in Balkans: Amecian general announced the help to "Kosovo Army"

The US Command in Europe supports the development of the KSF in accordance with the 10-year transition plan and in full cooperation with the US and NATO allies - said the US Senate General

The statement by future US commander in Europe, General Tod Wolters, that US troops are needed in Kosovo to withstand "malignant threats from abroad", but also to support the further development of "Kosovo security forces" left open the question if this message was sent to Serbia, but also to the one who threatens the interests of Washington in the region.

The Albanian soldiers walked around northern Kosovska Mitrovica: The spokesperson of KFOR explained what is going on

The fact that there is a conflict in the Balkans or a "hybrid war" is fueling different theories about what this US general's statement might mean and it raises the question of whether the great forces are measuring their guns on Balkans.

At a hearing held in Washington, the US Senate and the Committee of the Armed Forces, Wolters, who is also the Supreme Commander of Allied Commanders of Europe, said that the US presence needed to strengthen the resistance of our partners to external malignant threats, and that the US encouraged Kosovo Security Forces to maintain its multiethnic and professional character that fits all Kosovo citizens.

- The US Command in Europe supports the development of the KSF in accordance with the 10-year transition plan and in full cooperation with the United States and NATO allies - he said in the Senate.

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The analyst Vlade Radulovic explains the weight of this statement.

It was certainly, directly or indirectly, directed to Belgrade, and also to Podgorica and Pristina, and to everybody in the region. It is important to us because it is about our heads and everything that is being discussed is directed to us, but it also represents the measuring of strength on a higher level. That is mostly the internal conflict when they are showing off guns to one another. The similar situation is happening in Venezuela, and now in the Black sea where NATO stated that they are going to take over the protection of Ukranian vessels, and then Russia answered and said that they are putting their Black Sea fleet on standby - he said for our portal.

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He explained that in the Balkans, apart from Russia and America, there is also the influence of China over the Silk Road, but also Turkey, which wants to regain this region under its control and be more present in it.

- Therefore, everybody is saying the story from their own point of view and focus - said Radulovic.

Russia has a lot of significance in the moves of the USA in these areas, his colleague Aleksandar Radic agrees, who said for our portal that the Russian presence in these areas presents the challenge which forces the Americans to remain present.

Americans had the idea a long time ago that they should retreat from Kosovo when it comes to hiring their own forces. However, they consider that Kosovo Metohija crisis is the means which Russia uses to maintain its presence and significance in these areas and that is why they must, at least symbolically to remain present - said Radic.

Printskrin: Telegraf

On the other hand, he thinks that the American attention went to the other parts of the world and it is obvious that we are not on the agenda.

- Back in 2010, when a plan was created for the gradual retreat of KFOR, there were initiatives from our sides to keep KFOR forces until the agreement is made, and the Americans planned to retreat, and that Bondsteel will be abandoned in order to give the structure to Kosovo Security Forces - he stated.


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