People of Belgrade about the professor who slapped a student: Children are rude, parents are badly mannered, and the professors crazed! (VIDEO)

We went out to the street and we asked the people of Belgrade what do they think about the case which shocked Serbia these days

The citizens of Serbia have been talking about the case which disturbed the public last week. Professor of the Seventh Belgrade Gymnasium, Zvonko Oradovic, slapped a student.

"She pinched me and she hit me on the eyes because of the test": The professor responded who slapped the student (PHOTOS OF THE TEST)

It all started when a girl complained about a bad grade which she got on the test, and then she started cursing and insulting the professor, as he claims, she pinched him, and then she hit him with a ponytail over his eyes. After that provocation, in the moment of lowered sanity, the professor slapped her. Two students managed to set them apart and one of them hit him three times with a fist near the face.

Serbia was divided in this case, like it usually happens. We went out to the streets and we asked the citizens whose side they are on, the student or professor.

There were a lot of those who said that violence isn't allowed, but also those who say that the behavior of the youth is catastrophic. That the children became rude, insolent, and they provoke professors without any shame. On the other hand, there are a lot of older people, especially younger female students, who don't agree with the action of the professor, because he was supposed to be a role model to everybody!

Others say that there are no excuses for either side, and they both are to blame. The fourth said they have arguments pro and con, and that the professor should be held criminally responsible.

Take a look at their answers in the video from the start, and you can leave your opinion in the comments.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Ivana Trisic)

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