We were in a building of horror where the bodies of Vesna and the twins were found: Neighbors in Vienna think they didn't starve to death due to one strange reason (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The three of them probably died at the end of March or at the beginning of April

Besides the group of gathered neighbors and journalists, nothing indicates that Vesna M. (45), a Serbian woman, died with her two daughters in Verdnlgase 21 in the Vienna district Floridsdorf.

Mother and twin daughters from Serbia found dead in an apartment in Vienna: Neighbours described what they heard behind closed doors

Reporter of Telegraf visited the building where the bodies were found. The apartment number 17 on the second floor is sealed, and their bodies were sent to the autopsy.

As we managed to find out from the neighbors, Vesna moved in the building two years ago, and she had an isolated life. People don't know her very well but they could say that it matches with the things they have heard on the news. She was depressed, her daughters were disabled, and she was in a Safe House several times and that she had a husband who harassed her. 

Stan strave u Beču, pronađene mrtve bliznakinje i majka iz Srbije

Foto: Sanja Ilić

- There are people from various countries in our building, besides Austrians, there are people from the Chezch Republic, Poland, Hungary, Syria... I just barely knew Vesna, I thought that she went on a vacation and I haven't seen her in some time - said the neighbor Gabrieli Dron for Telegraf, and adds that Vesna wasn't visited by anyone.

Stan strave u Beču, pronađene mrtve bliznakinje i majka iz Srbije

Foto: Sanja Ilić

However, the other neighbor suspects the mother and daughter died from hunger.

- The last time I saw Vesna, she was pushing a cart full of food - said the girl.

Stan strave u Beču, pronađene mrtve bliznakinje i majka iz Srbije

Foto: Sanja Ilić

We have contacted the building handyman Bozidar who also comes from Serbia, hoping that he knew the misfortunate wife.

I take care about 12 buildings in this area. You know, it is kind of specific here, there are singles, older persons and social cases. I am working in that building each Friday, starting from 9 AM until noon, and rarely anyone is at home at the time. I think I met Vesna once, but if you show me her picture right now, I am not sure that I would be able to recognize her. She never asked help from me, states Bozidar.

However, he also suspects the story that the woman was mentally ill, in that case, the services wouldn't allow her to care about two teenagers, alone.

While we wait for the statements of her husband and a cousin, no one in the neighborhood even knows what was Vesna's last name, where she lived in Serbia and who were her friends.

Stan strave u Beču, pronađene mrtve bliznakinje i majka iz Srbije

Foto: Sanja Ilić

- An autopsy has taken place. According to the current state of affairs, the first results indicate that the deaths of three female females occurred due to several days of not eating, or starvation - said the spokesman for the Viennese police, Patrick Mayerhofer, reports the portal "oe24".

According to the first toxicological findings, it was determined that there was no poisoning and that death did not occur violently.

It is assumed that death occurred at the end of March or early April this year, and the bodies were found after firefighters and police were alarmed by worried family friends.

The suspicions were confirmed when the officials broke in the apartment which was locked. The twins were allegedly persons with disability and they were found dead on the couch.

Vesna escaped several times from her violent husband into the safehouse.l Later on, when they parted, she remained alone with the children.

There is a presumption that Vesna fell down, died, and the twins starved to death.

Unnamed source of the portal Kronen Zeitung explained this because no food was discovered in the apartment and no clues that there was any food before.

(Telegraf.co.uk / S.I.)

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