No entry for Serbian officials is fake news! Haradinaj confirmed to Ana Brnabic (VIDEO)

The Prime Minister is at the Summit of the Western Balkans countries in Poznan

Yesterday's information that appeared in the media that Serbian officials were banned from entering Kosovo and Metohija was false news, Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic said.

No entry for all Serbian officials in Kosovo! The new crazy decision of Pristina

The Prime Minister, who is at the Summit of the Western Balkans countries in Poznan, said that Ramush Haradinaj, the Prime Minister of the provisional Pristina institution, confirmed this at a working breakfast.

- I am glad that I heard from Ramush Haradinaj that it is false news that Serbian officials have been banned from visiting Kosovo and Metohija - said the prime minister, but said that "it is surprising that the false news spreads to the advisers of the so-called foreign minister.

We remind that this information was transferred by the Pristina media, based on the statements of Jetzir Zuberaj, the adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the so-called Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli, who wrote on Facebook that the Ministry had made such a decision because of threats and attacks in the north, as well as other problems.

Because of Serbia's hybrid threats to Kosovo, constant propaganda and false news about the country and our citizens, as well as recent efforts to prevent the so-called humanitarian crisis in the north of Kosovo threatening the Serb population and forcing them to shut down businesses only because of some political goals of Belgrade, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not allow any Belgrade official to visit Kosovo and all requests will be rejected while this behavior continues - wrote Ziberaj.


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