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The Montenegrin police officially confirmed: Serbian intellectuals are banned from entering Montenegro

Novak's first message after returning to the No.1 place: He published the powerful words and a photo from his childhood, you won't be able to recognize him (PHOTO)

These "girls" amazed Belgrade in the Halloween! By-passers chased them and begged them to take a picture (PHOTO)

Giant waves struck Dubrovnik: Record-breaking 9 meters tall waves, the entire coastline was hit

Thaci admitted that the north of Kosovo is Serbian: Pristina in disbelieve over one sentence on Twitter

Terrible confession of Haradinaj's brother: I am glad that I butchered Serbs, I am sorry that I didn't kill as much as I wanted

Just a few hours after saying "I do" they got into a fight over the money: The wedding celebration was stopped with the tears of the groom

This is how Djokovic helped a fan who was sick during the match (VIDEO)

CIA proclaimed that Kosovo is independent, and then they "misplaced" more than 180.000 expelled Serbs: US intelligence agency has reduced the number of expelled people

An ordinary man and his son won against the state after 13 years: "We were the greatest support to each other" (VIDEO)

Tara's poem about the death of the Serbian soldier entered the final of the competition in Great Britain, and these are the verses for the victory

Where are our young doctors, IT experts, intellectuals? They work and they enjoy side by side with Croats, Bosnians, and Montenegrins

Nemanja (23) graduated from two universities, and he wanted to leave Serbia: After our story, he received that changed everything (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbian doctor devised a trap for shrapnel, she helped Croats and Muslims, even the victims of Chernobyl disaster (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Bobi needs only 11 minutes to dominate, Clippers smashed the Wizards and they confirmed the great start of the season! (VIDEO)

Some generation must put an end to it and start some new kind of relationship between two states: Srbislav Filipovic on Serbia and Croatia (VIDEO)

This is the only rotating house in Republika Srpska and the owner got the idea for it in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Representatives of Pristina will only be able to sneak through the corridors of international organizations, praying for recognition, Djuric points out: Many things depend on Serbia

Broken utility poles and ripped cables, flying signs, the wind was blowing up to 70km/h in the south of Serbia: Strong storm caused disaster in half an hour (PHOTO)

Pristina threatens the European Union: It all depends on the abolition of visas

Someone is manipulating the migrants. When the leader comes to the border, there is all out chaos: Croats claim that the attempt to breach the border was devised ahead

It was snowing throughout the night, Serbian mountains became white: The scenes are like a fairytale, but the roads are dangerous (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Migrants broke through the cordon at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, 200 people blocked the traffic: Conflicts with the police are ongoing and there are injuries (VIDEO)

Famous Serbian singer won't be able to walk for half a year: Darko Lazic is going through the toughest battle in his life, chances for recovery are uncertain

Croatian bend reveals what are gay weddings like: The atmosphere is more casual, there are fewer customs, and we can barely wait for two brides (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A new double-double by Jokic, Bjelica great in the "Serbian" NBA derby, Bobi had his minute! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I entered the most unusual church in Trebinje and I was speechless: On the walls paintings of famous writers and scientists (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Famous Serbian singer in the OR: Darko Lazic is in the inducted coma, he also has a partial memory loss

Doctors filed a lawsuit against a mother who recorded them: She brought her child for examination and doctors refused to see her? (VIDEO)

A hospital asked Ivana to return 3.000 dinars for overtime work: She decided to fight, she charged 167.000 dinars and she is not stopping there