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The wind was literally carrying a plane in Tivat like a toy: Everything was shaking, the passengers panicked (VIDEO)

What hides behind Rama's decision to erase the border between Albania and Kosovo and Metohija?

Terror in front of the club in Sarajevo: A brutal man dragged a girl by her hair and hit her in the head, then the MMA fighter came out of the club (VIDEO)

This is the driver of the bus of death: The Miracle Milan couldn't explain why the footage doesn't match with his statement

NATO concerned about the formation of the "Kosovo Army": The decision was made at the wrong time

Serbia is white, half a meter of snow on Zlatar: People are enjoying in warm homes, there are no traffic jams (PHOTO)

Famous Serbian actor passed away: Marko Nikolic described his fear of death in one of his last interviews

Entire Serbia cried for Jovan and now he has welcomed the year 2019 in a new house: He got a donkey that he wanted so much

5 criminal charges filed against Davor Dragicevic: They charge him that he "compromised security"

Jokic's New Year magic: "Triple-double" to remember, points for the victory, everybody is looking Denver in their back (VIDEO)

Great fire in Novi Pazar: Firefighters rescued a baby whose life was in danger!

From Nole's Wimbledon to Red Star's Liverpool - this is the list of Top 5 Serbian achievements in 2018! (VIDEO)

The police issued a warrant for Davor Dragicevic and four more people: Banja Luka silent for the first time after the war

One of three people "beeped" while leaving the market, and the workers jumped only on her. She is a Roma woman (VIDEO)

After the protest "Justice for David" several people were arrested: Davor Dragicevic on the run

Djokovic exclusively for Telegraf: It is great that Red Star in the Champions League and my return happened in the same year. Family before tennis

We are the most pro-American people in the world, the USA supports the agreement with Serbia in 2019: Thaci about the role of the USA on Kosovo

Gouillon New Year's convoy stopped at the border: Pristina forbade him to deliver gifts to the children on Kosovo (VIDEO)

There is no Great Serbian aggression, just Great Montenegrin aggression on leading places in Serbia: Dacic openly about the relationship with Podgorica

What a night for Bogdanovic: The Serb demolished Lakers with three points with the buzzer (VIDEO)

They call him "The Mind": Milos Sarcev reveals how he trained the fastest man in the world, the stars of Hollywood, and he also reveals the secrets of doping in sport (FOTO)

Vucic responded to the situation in Banja Luka: Serbia is monitoring the events, it is a notorious lie that we sent the police

Davor was arrested in a car, and Suzana in the street while she was clutching a picture of her dead son: Two scenes that set fire to Banja Luka (VIDEO)

Jovan (18) has incredible talent: He speaks, sings, and recites backward, and he speaks foreign words backward with no problems (VIDEO)

The convicted Serb from the Zakynthos case came home: "Milos is our hero, and he ended up in prison"

Vucic knows when young people will stop leaving Serbia, and now he said that wages and pensions will grow as well

Pristina media tore Haradinaj apart because of two sexy advisers: Their photos reveal everything (PHOTO)

The silent heroes of Clinical Center Nis who treated 30 injured people: War or "Grey's Anatomy" after the terrible collision of a train and a bus

America decided to cut the Kosovo knot! A clear message of the ambassador in Pristina

Sensational discovery: A "living medicine" for cancer and leukemia is coming, the famous Serbian doctor is bringing great news from America (VIDEO)