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You have finished the season, Nikola, there are 2 roads ahead of you: 7 reasons why we are going to see Jokic in Serbian jersey at World Cup!

The moment when a famous Serbian singer puts 4.000 euros on the lap of Milan who is fighting for his life: The young man started crying (VIDEO)

A huge storm will start in entire Serbia: The emergency team is on high alert!

Milan and Tijana planned to get married and to have children, now they are fighting for his life (PHOTO)

A raging river flooded houses in just 20 minutes. Water is ruthlessly breaking the suburbs on Balkans, the cyclone from Italy is a threat (VIDEO)

Storm wind ripped out roofs, traffic lights, and trees around Zagreb: Capital of Croatia woke up in the worst possible state (PHOTO)

Red Star's title from 1946 has been recognized, furious Vuletic announced the appeal to the Constitutional Court: Here are the votes!

"Devil's carriage" and MiGs flew over Nis! The most modern weapons of the Serbian Military and Police presented along with "March on the Drina" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Who are the Bosnian soldiers whose names were on the shirt of Jusuf Nurkic: They murdered Serbian civilians in the war (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

3.000 euros just for browsing, 5.000 for marriage: Serbs went crazy for sexy Albanians, the demand is huge and the mediators can't catch a break

"Defense of freedom", a spectacle in Nis: Great military-police parade for the Victory Day

Scandalous provocation by Jusuf Nurkic: He glorified soldiers who fought against Serbs in front of Jokic! (VIDEO)

Footage of Vucic ignoring the protocol of taking a picture together with Albanian president and Kolinda (VIDEO)

Serbs would like to marry sexy Albanians, they don't care about hands crossed into a symbol of an eagle: "Honney, write to me, I am the right one for you! What's the price?"

Vucic congratulated Victory Day to Putin

An indictment against the father of the rapped boy in New Belgrade: He shot a father of the child who attacked his son in the bushes

GROUND WAS SHAKING: Serbian army and police showed their strength and power

Serbian consultations ahead of Tirana meeting: Vucic and Dodik's meeting (PHOTO)

Pope Francis said North Macedonia was a bridge between East and West and held a Mass for 15,000 citizens (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE! Footage of hooligans attacking the home of the former Sports Director of Partizan

Exclusive interview with Australian businessman: I offer a salary of 32,627 euros to Serbs, I pay for travel, accommodation, and health insurance (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Terrible traffic accident in Belgrade: First footage from the scene, as if the bomb went off, front of the bus is crushed, a woman crying in pain

Jokic's face when he accidentally ripped off the microphone is priceless (VIDEO)

A terrible story from a village in Serbia: Newborn found dead in the toilet. The autopsy confirmed terrible doubts

The French government under pressure to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo: People started the petition

Sharp reactions of Balkan people to the incident in Vienna school: Some would punish the professor because he didn't slap them, the others said that Serbs are becoming more tiresome

Snow in May: It's all white in Bosnia, the temperature is not going over 5 degrees (VIDEO)