Bosnia trembled all night: At least three earthquakes hit Prozor, the Croatian coast was shaking as well

Serbs have set Amir's family on fire, and he refused to kill Serbian children: Muslims have been threatening him for 25 years! This is his message to bloodbathed Balkans (PHOTO)

BOSNIAN PYTHON: Children entered the gym hall and they found a several meters long snake! Then they did something they shouldn't! (VIDEO)

SCANDAL: Ramush Haradinaj invited Sarajevo to recognize the independence of Kosovo

Bosnian made us laugh with his photos, and now he wrote a letter to his daughter before the wedding which made everybody cry

CATERER FROM HELL: He drugged his guests untill they passed out, and then he robbed them!

Bosnian worked as treasurer and stole 270,000 marks from the bank like the thief from Hollywood!

Bosnian has 52 grandchildren and he offers 25.000 euros to anyone who can find him new wife: She has to fulfill two conditions (VIDEO)

Ivana is Serb, and Senad is Bosniak: Because of the future of their children, they plan on running away from Sarajevo

Serbs and Bosniaks from Srebrenica with a trumpets celebrated the end of school: They showed love and unity, and sent a strong message to politicians (PHOTO)

Boy from Bosnia struck his head 10 times against a wardrobe for Facebook challenge: Instead of averting him, they dared him to kill himself! (VIDEO)

SERBIAN COUPLE SHAKES AMERICA: Their citizenship has been seized, they are deported and the top of the state reacted to that

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