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"Those are crazy Serbs", "Lovely country, but they are like pigs": The entire world laughs at us over the footage of an excavator which is moving debris (VIDEO)

Djokovic announced beautiful news before the quarterfinal match of Roland Garros (VIDEO)

Milan (27) knew that he is going to die, so he made entire Serbia cry with pride with his last wish

They drove over the flooded roads in Serbia, they moved through the torrents and it seemed as if they got into a river itself (VIDEO)

Father threatened to beat me if I don't learn Cyrillic! Confession of UFC star on the rise: I am Austrian in Serbia, and Serbian in Austria, I don't feel like I belong anywhere! (VIDEO)

Voyego partners with Aer Lingus to deliver a new innovative Payments Hub

Ivanisevic scolded Kyrgios over reckless comments about Novak: Perhaps you like someone more or less, but... who cares?

A young man in tears, meeting the family for the first time he was probably taken away from: These papers with the same details hide two mysterious cases

Floods all across Serbia, state of emergency in these places: Villages under water, citizens in panic, several regional roads closed (VIDEO)

I grew up on clay and I dreamt about Paris: Novak revealed a detail from his childhood and that is why the French Open is among his most favorite tournaments! (VIDEO)

A torrent swept away a bridge, evacuation is in progress, people are praying: "Please, don't let it happen again. Regional road Kragujevac-Kraljevo flooded (VIDEO)

Kraljevo flooded: Ibar river flooded the center of the city, torrent is entering the houses (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

While everyone was running away from bombs to the basement, Igor ran to the terrace: He recorded historical footage with a TV camera of Vranje in flames (VIDEO)

He felt sick over the graves while reciting "Lord's prayer": The boy (10) buried his mother, grandma, and grandpa in Novi Sad

We will not impose solutions for the problem of Kosovo, but there is a willingness to engage in reaching an agreement: The important American message

Attractive farmer Milesa offered a job, accommodation, and food, and people ridiculed her: Who wants to work for 15 hours for 250 euros

A member of the municipality beat up sick grandpa of her husband: She was thrown out of the house for 30 days, and she is forbidden from approaching the victim (PHOTO)

Ivana from Novi Sad was beaten by Djordje, burned by iron because of her debts and made up porn: Terrible confession from the courtroom

A terrible sight was photographed yesterday in the sky: Supercell developed over Vojvodina, terrible weather came crashing over it (PHOTO)

Hungarians expanded the search to Serbia: The search for 21 victims of the ship collision on the Danube is expanded to our country

A tree fell on a bus with passengers: The driver was sitting calmly and then everything shook (VIDEO)

Faith in humanity lost: Unconscious man is drunk all the time, and his mother is the first one who ignores him? (VIDEO)

A girl (6) is one of the 7 tourists who died in the collision of ships on the Danube: Nobody was wearing life jackets (PHOTO)

This is the most unusual bus station in the Balkans: In the Croatian village, they made a real library from the bus station (PHOTO)

Djokovic published so far unseen footages of special training for the French Open: The professional dancers would envy his "twisting around"! (VIDEO)

The storm caused chaos in Croatia: Rain is falling throughout the country, the streets are flooded, some areas were struck by hail (VIDEO)

The storm roared through Serbia: The rivers are flowing through Belgrade after the rain, Subotica is covered in white hail (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

People in shock, they demolished a shop, smashed cars: The largest conflict between ROSU and Serbs happened here (VIDEO)

Djokovic set a new record which will never be broken: No one in history managed to do this in Grand Slam!

"Remember, daddy wasn't here": Before escaping, Goran threatened his sons. The younger boy hasn't spoken yet due to trauma