Serbian handball players isolated at the outskirts of Split, we have no training before the match, and if we win... Is this Croat's provocation of fear that Serbs might be attacked?

Our team is the only one located in the hotel outside the center of the city, unlike other national teams. It is feared that our handball players might be attacked if they get a good result at the opening of the tournament against the host Croatia

The organizers couldn't wish for a better game to open the championship, even if they chose to. Split will burn in 20:30g when Croatia and Serbia meet in Spaladium Arena.

Good draft for Novak in Melbourne: First troubles in quarterfinals, Federer in semifinals! Nadal is in other part of the draft!

Our team can expect infernal atmosphere and 12.000 fantastic Croatian fans, and without a doubt, a very hostile atmosphere.

Although the players of both national teams try to keep everything in sports and to settle down the tensions, like one of the Croatian players who said that he will protect Serbian players with his body, there will certainly be tensions, everything will be clear during the intonation of national anthems of Serbia prior to the match (if the anthem is played at all).

The organizers of the championship already started with some sort of foreplay before the match and it remains to be seen if that is a provocation or a safety reason.

Namely, our team arrived to Split, and unlike other teams, they were the only ones not located in Park hotel, which is in the center of the city close to the hall. On the other side, our team is placed in Lav Meridien hotel, which is around 12 kilometers from the center of the city and the hall where the match will be played.

It is rumored that our team is isolated from other national teams because there is fear among the organizers that there could be tensions between the handball players of Croatia and Serbia, especially after the opening match and the things could develop in a way the organizers wouldn't want them to.

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However, the option remains that everything was done for safety reasons so our players could have peace and less contact with the fans in Split.


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Our team won't have a single training prior to the game. They won't even have a warmup in the hall in Split, they will do a warmup in training hall at 19:00h, at the same time with Croatian handball players.

That is another safety measure, to prevent possible attacks on our players from the stands before the match.


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There is a big euphoria in Croatia and fans expect a gold medal from their national team, which is the only one missing in the rich collection they have from the previous years where they won everything that can be possibly won, except the European Championship.

"The Squared" have an extremely strong team with the celebrated coach Lin Cervar and they don't hide the highest ambitions. On the other hand, the public has already written off Serbia and they expect a certain victory at the opening.

The organizers fear that in the case of a surprise and some unexpected result, riots could erupt on the stands, even the attempts of attacks on our players.

The game of group A between Serbia and Croatia will be held from 20:30. Sweeden and Iceland are in our group as well. Three best-placed teams will advance, but the points from the group are transferred to the next phase.


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