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Arnaud Gouillon is taking 10 tons of humanitarian help to Kosovo and Metohija: 12.000 French families helped him (PHOTO)

This time, toys, wardrobe, and footwear arrived. 72 stoves for the poor families will be delivered during the next week and the 30 furnaces for the schools

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Founder of "Solidarity for KosovoArnaud Gouillon began distributing 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid in Kosovo and Metohija, collected this year in France.

Arnaud Gouillon: Albanian and Serbian extremists are threatening me, I am afraid that I will be banned from entering Kosovo

People of Serbia can count on the help for 14 consecutive years. That is the 43rd convoy of help since the foundation "Solidarity for Kosovo" has been founded.

According to the words of the humanitarian Arnaud Gouillon, this time toys arrived , clothes, and shoes for the children in elementary school "Miladin Popovic" in the village of Bostane in the municipality of Novo Brdo, while 72 stoves for the poor families will be delivered during the next week and the 30 furnaces for the schools.

We are very happy, he said, because we are able to bring joy and happiness for the New Year's holidays and to offer support to the grown-ups who often feel lonely and forgotten and to show human solidarity.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- We are here to say that they are not forgotten. We are the representatives of 12.000 donators, 12.000 families from entire France, who didn't forget on Serbian enclaves on Kosovo and Metohija, who didn't forget our friendship, above everything else - Gouillon said.

He said that the solidarity is an empty word if it's only spoken without acts.

"Solidarity for Kosovo" of Arnaud Gouillon, invested more than 500.000 euros in projects this year alone, and he is completing them with Raska-Prizren diocese, this is aid for agriculture, education, healthcare, and from 2004 to this date, they have brought help into Serbian enclaves on Kosovo and Metohija in the value higher than 5 million euros.

Watch the applause Arnaud received at the faculty of political sciences:

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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