The amphitheater is still shaking from the applause Arnaud Gouillon received after lectures at the Faculty of Political Sciences (VIDEO)

The emotional meeting of the Frenchman with the students lasted several minutes

French humanitarian Arnaud Gouillon held a lecture at the Faculty of Political Sciences on the subject "Humanity in the 21st century".  A great discussion has risen in the last few days because of this subject, which started when he was a guest on N1 television. On that occasion, he was asked if he should give lectures to the students as a former member of the Identity Movement in France. 

Another incredible gift of Arnaud Gouillon to the children of Kosovo: They had only one wish, and the Frenchman made it happen (PHOTO)

Over 300 students greeted him at the facility with the applause which lasted several minutes. In this way, they showed that his humanity and the right to talk about it shouldn't be questioned.

The greatest humanitarian in Serbia then met the students talking about his humanitarian work: he explained why he has special emotions for Serbia, even from his childhood - when his father told him about our country, and he remembered that he was only 19 when he arrived in Kosovo with his first convoy of help.

Foto: Telegraf.rs

However, the greatest part of his lectures was based on the life stories of the people who live in enclaves on Kosovo and Metohija. The stories that touched him and because of which he can't stop thinking about humanitarian work.

Arnaud said for Telegraf that he is afraid of his own safety and the safety of his family and that he fears that he can be banned from entering Kosovo because he has been getting threats in the last few days.

- That can easily happen because Albanians see this as a great way to construct stories and charges against me. I am afraid that they will ban me from entering, and that some extremist will attack me there, which is always possible. Because of the media craze, which started on Friday, I have been getting a lot of threats, insults, hate messages from Albanians and Extremists in Serbia - Arnaud said.

Arnaud Gouillon: Albanian and Serbian extremists are threatening me, I am afraid that I will be banned from entering Kosovo

To recall, during his appearance in the talk show which lasted 12 minutes, his humanity and everything he has done for Serbs on Kosovo was the subject the least talked about. Most part (9 minutes) was taken up with the questions about his political preferences.

He was "burdened" with the facts that he was a member of the identitarian movement between 2010 and 2011, for participating in the Vidovdan march in 2009. This march was organized by the SNP 1389. Gouillon negated that.

He received direct support from 25.000 people as he said himself, and watch the applause on the Faculty of Political sciences:

(Telegraf.co.uk / J.S.)

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