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Miodrag (7) took a doctor by the hand and he told us: "Wait here, I'll be back". What if he has seen our faces for the last time? (PHOTO)


- What if something goes wrong - his closest asked while they were in the waiting room, waiting to hear the outcome of the surgery. It is the time to join them in their story

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Little Miodrag Hadzimurtovic (7) from Sevojno, who lost a percentage of his sight each month, because of which he was in danger to go completely blind by the age of 8, was successfully operated in a clinic in Belgrade. A boy who has an eye cavity big as an adult but he has eyes like a child had a bridged nerve now and it is connected, so the curious boy finally has a chance to clearly see the world around him.

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- Nobody believed how brave he is. He was researching before the surgery to see what will they do to him because he loved scientific programs, and he kept asking the nurses "when will you put the "butterflies", where is the anesthetic", and he carefully watched with his large dioptre the preparation if the injection. When the doctor came for him, Miodrag took him by the hand, he turned to us and said "Wait here, I'll be back" - my heart stopped at that moment - the boy's grandma Miljanka Filipovic (64) said, who is his legal guardian.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

What if, while giving this promise, Miodrag saw our faces for the last time? What if something goes wrong, his closest asked, his grandma and uncle, while they were in the waiting room, fearing for the outcome of the surgery.

Luckily, everything went quickly and successfully, just like as the doctors promised. In the hospital room, there was another wonderful surprise for the boy who is growing up without a father. 

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- While he was lying in bed with bandages on his eyes, his former guardian, Anka Vukmanovic, came into the room. Miodrag stayed with her for 11 months after his second birthday, when I took him in, but we kept in touch. She walked in and said: "Mile, dear, I came to see you". He turned the covered eyes towards her voice: "Ankica, you came to me". I will never forget that hug. I immensely thank her for her support and love - grandma Miljanka said, who abandoned the comfortable life in Austria for her grandson when the boy was taken away from her daughter because she couldn't take care about him anymore due to sickness.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

There were blue and bloody eyes behind the bandages, he wanted to take them off so much, but when he returned home, the swelling began to decrease. Miodrag doesn't allow anyone to visit him while there are therapies, he counts the drops himself and he uses them on his own. The glasses are bothering him very much, he was moving them all the time in order to find out what was in front of him. 

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- We have pushed through the main part, but now the fight starts for post-surgery procedures. A lot of therapies for removing the dioptre with a laser, and they will cost between 150.000 and 160.000 dinars. That is the only way for him to be cured, and we don't know when will be the next check, the doctor will instruct us to start immediately. We have to rely on the help of good people once again because this amount is unreachable with my pension. I know that it is a season of vacations and that it is harder to go, more than ever before, but we are grateful, both my daughter and I, for every dinar of help. We have faith - this grandma said.

Everybody who wishes to help this boy, to help him finally see, can do so by paying to the bank account:

Banca Intesa dinar account 160-5800100474888-05.

Erste Bank of foreign currency account IBAN RS35340000003239068550 recipient Miljanka Filipovic, Milivoj Maric 34 B, 31205 Sevojno

Miracle boy: Doctors said that he will live only a few hours, and now he is seven years old: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Dunja Savanovic/d.savanovic@telegraf.rs)

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