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Arnaud Gouillon for Telegraf about the trip to Kosovo and Metohija which changes a man: When I'm not home, my three-year-old daughter says - Dad is in Kosovo (VIDEO)

Gouillon spoke about his humanitarian work, about Kosovo and Metohija, what he does in his free time, what is his favorite music...

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When I am in Serbia, I feel like a Serb 100%, when I am in France - then I am French, this is how Arnaud Gouillon starts his conversation for Telegraf, "The greatest Serb born outside Serbia".

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He explains that he feels as if he was born in our country and that everything is going easy for him, except the language which was difficult for him to learn.

- That is one of the most difficult languages. Besides being written the same way it is spoken, everything else is very complicated - he said and mentions that it is more common that someone misinterprets his words ideologically, not grammatically.

His three-year-old daughter is now already fluent in both languages, and although she is too little to know what is her father doing, when he is not home she knows to say "Dad is in Kosovo".

Gouillon explains that someone probably doesn't like the fact that he is speaking about Kosovo and Metohija (KiM), but that won't stop him in his desires to help the people in the south Serbian province as much as he can.

When he first moved to Kosovo and Metohija, some children were five, six years old, and now they are grown up people. 

Foto: Marko Jovanović

- I remember, I gave one girl a doll when she was little, and recently I gave one to her daughter - he said.

Once a grandma said "Come again, even if you don't have anything, it's important that you are here", I realized that these people don't need gifts and help the most, they need to know that they are not forgotten.

Printskrin: Tanjug

He thinks that every Serb should go to KiM. 

Going to Kosovo changes a man. If it changed a french guy, it would change everyone from Serbia, and it is significant that the situation is much calmer now - Gouillon said.

When asked if he is afraid for his life when he goes to KiM, especially after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and kidnapping of Marko Djuric, Gouillon said that Serbs living in KiM are much more exposed to the dangers, because they are constantly there. 

If they can live in those conditions for 19 years, I can expose myself to potential threat few days a month. My role models are the Serbs who stay there even though it is not safe for them.

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valic

When he goes to KiM, he is going like a citizen, he has no contact with so-called Kosovo institutions.

- I am helping Serbs in enclaves first of all, but when we are helping a school, we are helping every child, because a child is a child - he said.

When he is not traveling to KiM and when he is not trying to find out the ways to help our people, Gouillon spends his free time with his family.

- We like walking by the river, Tasmajdan or Ada. Rollerskating relaxes me, and when the children are asleep I like reading books or talking to my wife. We watch movies and series - Gouillon said.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Gouillon is fascinated by other parts of our pop culture.

- I love listening to Crvena Jabuka and ex YU rock . I like the melody, lyrics are beautiful. I listen to Miroslav Ilic, my favorite song is "Jos te nesto cini izuzetnom" (There is something more that makes you special)

- Gouillon said.

(Telegraf.co.uk / A. Jovanovic / G. Avalic)

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