Jana (21) from Belgrade makes three monthly wages in one day! We reveal a secret of her success (PHOTO)

Girls sometimes get compensation in clothes from the last collection instead of money

Many girls dream about being the queens of cat walks. All models are extremely beautiful, nicely dressed, famous, travel a lot, and the most important - they make a lot of money. However, millions in earnings of the world famous models are far above those in Serbia

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Besides few of those who successfully work on home and foreign scene, most of the girls find fashion as additional income and it is hard to live on it. 

- It all depends on the client that hires us and if we go through the agency or we have direct agreement. Fashion shows go from 5.000 - 10.000 dinars, and foreigners pay 15.000 - said model Jana Lojanica (21) from Belgrade, who has been doing this job for years.

Job in Serbia and abroad really can't be compared, but the even bigger problem is that Serbia has a small market, there is little work and a lot of pretty girls. 

Foto: Facebook/Jana Lojanica

Foto: Facebook/Jana Lojanica

Girls sometimes get compensation in clothes from the last collection instead of money.

- Modeling is specific because you can make three monthly wages in a single day, and there is no work for some time. The best money is appearing on TV commercials and videos. For two days of shooting, girls get 500 euros - adds Jana.

She thinks that one can live from modeling in Serbia if there is work two or three times a week. 

Foto: Facebook/Jana Lojanica

Foto: Facebook/Jana Lojanica

- It is possible only in Belgrade because there are most clients and happenings here - concludes Jana.

How much work and money will a model make, depends on the type of work, but also from a model.

Girls that are known and appreciated abroad, and here can make serious money.

There are of course girls who are happy to do fashion shows and appearing on some fashion pages in magazines, so they hope to get the opportunity some day to shoot editorial, after which they could hope for some serious engagement, and profit as well.

Watch how our models cook for 300 dinars: 

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