Bosnian moved to Germany two years ago: He reveals what happens when you look for a job and you are late on your first day (VIDEO)

Despite the fact that it wasn't a job with full work hours, he decided to give it a try

bosanac o poslu u nemačkoj
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Jusuf Kvakic, known vloger, has moved to Germany two years ago. He moved with his wife, and he has been working in a shopping mall. He described his experience in his vlog in searching for job. He learned German his entire life but he doesn't know it very well.  

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- I came from my vacation and someone rings me on my phone. I had some idea about German language because i talked to my neighbors, people, wife taught me some phrases and things - he said.

He answered and he got an interview.

- It was a weird experience for me. You don't know in what kind of world you are entering. It would be all Greek to me if someone hired me in Bosnia in some shop to care about some cheese, let alone to come to Germany, on entirely different language - said Kvakiv.

He was looking for a new job, and then... 

Despite the fact that it wasn't a job with full work hours, he decided to give it a try. Considering that he didn't know there was no buses in 6 AM, he had to call the employer on his first day and say to him that he will be late, reports Index.hr.

And there was no problem. As he said, it seemed to him that they hired him because they were desperate and they needed a new worker as soon as possible.

After two months he wasn't happy that he was working half the hours. He found the new job, but he talked to the employer before he quit and at the end, he was offered a better job, but also a better contract.

- There are bad situations and moments in every job, incredible difficult days. Man must understand that nothing is easy in life, that you should invest effort and work, to have will, to have a goal in front of you - reports Croexpress.

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