Violeta from Ivanjica went with 50 dollars to New York, she spent them on a phone call, and she made huge money after that (PHOTO)

Violeta spent her childhood in the countryside with grandparents, watching cows. At 24, she decided to change her life from the roots and move to New York. She is now 30, from babysitters she became a motivational speaker and proved that dreams are realized much faster in America

It can be said that Violeta Sakovic (30) from Ivanjica accomplished the American dream - she went to New York to find better future with 50 dollars in her pocket, and today she is a successful motivational speaker, and she got a nickname for her unselfishness "Good Fairy". Even though young Serb is open-hearted, she always keeps two things for herself - her bank account and her love status.

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She grew up in a working family and most of her summer and winter holidays, she spend on a countryside watching cows with her grandparents. She is happy because she is living in a city of her dreams, but she is not forgetting where she came from and who was she when she went on a distant trip when she was 24. 

Violeta spend those 50 dollars to buy a phone ticket to call Serbia and to call parents that she arrived and that the family she was supposed to stay with waited for her at the airport. At that moment her life started going in incredible direction!

She started working as a babysitter, over Au pair program. She lived with that family for two years, and she perfected the language in that time. Also she learned a lot about american culture and tradition.

Foto: Facebook/Violeta Sakovic

Foto: Facebook/Violeta Sakovic

She told an incredible situation. Namely, her boss was working in a big, successful company, and she dropped by once with children, she was babysitting. At that moment, she thought that she would love to work in a big company like that and she quietly promised herself that she will do that.

And really, four years after, she turned to that company, not as a babysitter, but as a successful young lady who hold motivational speeches to the employees.

Her dream came true, and as she said, it is because she believed that it is possible. Because she did not give up. Because she was persistent

- As a homeroom teacher by profession, i wanted to spread Serbian language, culture and tradition, so i volunteered on weekends in Weekend school of Serbian Language. It wasn't hard, on the contrary.

Foto: Facebook/Violeta Sakovic

Foto: Facebook/Violeta Sakovic

After two years from the arrival, i started acting and writingToday i am doing what i love the most, motivational speeches and life coaching, and soon she will publish her first book - pretty Violeta starts her story for Telegraf.

In the story you can read how she got the courage to go alone to america, without a dinar in her pocket...

- After i graduated from my studies in Serbia i couldn't find a job and i didn't want to allow myself to be desperate and depressed, so i went to grandparents to the village to help them do house works and i felt useful in a way, so i gave myself time to thing what i really wanted to do with my life.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Someone who lives alone following their dreams and heart, and not someone else's, in those moments i came to a decision to go via Au Pair Care Babysitting agency to New York - said Violeta about the decision of her life.

Violeta said that she wasn't ashamed to change the diapers to children that are not hers, no matter the level of education, and that many girls from Serbia start with babysitting jobs because the wage is good to cover all life expenses. 

- When you come Au Pair, the family you work for waits for you and takes you to their home (they provide accommodation, food, you work for them and you get payed), and that is a perfect start for us that come alone. Au Pair Care pays around 180 euros per week, and babysitters are payed 15-20 dollars per hour - said young girl from Ivanjica.

Babysitting is not the only thing Violeta did. During her stay in New York she opened her YouTube channel "Good Faily" (Dobra Vila) and she encouraged people over it, motivated them and gave them support in difficult times.

- I noticed that everybody feels good when they know they have support from other people so i wanted to share everything i learned from living in New York, with people on Balkans. I was lifeless, unemployed, not happy, and i know how hard it is to live in that way, so i tend to encourage people living that way to do something about their life.

- My motivational speeches started as a consequence of my desire to help those who need motivation and life showed me that if you do good - good will return to you, so "right" people recognized my talent and gift to be inspirational, encouraging and supportive, so i am payed today to motivate other people not to give up from their life, but to work hard to live their life happy - said Violeta about how it came to that to become a motivational speaker.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva

"If you succeed in New York, you will succeed anywhere". 

- There is a song of Frank Sinatra which says, if you succeed in New York, you will succeed anywhere, and i would agree with that.

- America, especially New York, offer many possibilities to progress and to reach to success, however, competition is great. I am someone who considers that enjoyment is in steps towards your goals and the fact that i am still alive (because someone did not wake up this morning) is a success for me.

If you appreciate yourself, others will to, that's how it goes with motivational speakers. I believe that time comes when people will see the significance of motivation and motivational speakers.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Violeta's motto: You live only once, but when you live how you should, once is more than enough. 

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