Dejan has dogs which cure hard diseases: I am a dog whisperer, i live with a pack, and this is their secret power (VIDEO)

As a dog whisperer, he is doing rehabilitation of dogs and he is training owners how to treat their pets

Dejan Miletic, man of our origin, born and grew up Germany, has been living for the past 9 years in Obrenovac, where he works as a dog whisperer

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He exchanged the comfort of one of the states with best standard with a pack. He has 38 dogs in his yard in Obrenovac and seven cats. He communicates with them on their language, and he recognizes their body language, he knows what they want in any moment.

I live with them in a pack, i am 24 hours a day with them, some of them are for adoption of course. Part of the animals is trained to work with children with special needs, autism and similar - speaks Dejan for Telegraf.

According to him, these dogs can cure over 22 diseases, and if there are those which they can not treat - they alleviate symptoms.

- Good example are epileptics. The dogs can sense the attack coming and they warn the patient to lie down where is safe, and when they have a seizure they lie down on them and they calm them down - reveals this dog whisperer.

As a dog whisperer, he is doing rehabilitation of dogs and he is training owners how to treat their pets.

Because of the specific profession,  he is called Serbian Cesar Millan.

As a child, Dejan suffered from asthma and the doctors forbade him to come in contact with animals because of his sickness but he said that being close to dogs is what cured him. When he was 19 he got his down, and his life received an entirely another dimension from that point on.

That is when he started teaching dogs how to help other people.

This is his story:


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