Belgrade is the first on the list of destinations that should be disclosed in 2017

The article mentions specifically Savamala and Cumic Alley, Belgrade Design District

The prestigious US travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler has included Belgrade to list of 14 exciting destinations around the world that would be discovered in 2017. These are the places that greatest adventurers go now, writes CN Traveler on their site, calling the readers to visit them "before all other get there".

Belgrade in the eyes of great Vogue: The life like this on the rivers is unique! They smoke and drink out of hobby, but they are happy! (PHOTO)

Balkan Belgrade is a bustling city known for its rich night life (the, inevitable, splavs, nightclubs on rafts), but also by the vibrant artistic and design scene on the rise. The article mentions specifically Savamala and Cumic Alley, Belgrade Design District.

Although the indoor museum of contemporary art is "still gathering dust",there are many galleries and museums where you can see art in the city.

CN Traveler recommended readers to walk on Belgrade fortress in the moments of rest, which extends above the confluence of the Sava and Danube, where you will able to see the city's long and persistent history "of the city that is confidently looking forward. 

A complete list of recommendations includes 14 cities and destinations (including the Montenegrin coast), but it can be said that Belgrade found itself in the beautiful company with some pretty exotic cities.

The remaining 13 places in the list go to:

- Dakar, Senegal
- Baku, Azerbaijan
- Stepantsminda, Caucasus, Georgia
- Panama City, Panama
- Manila, Philippines
- Tehran, Iran
- Montevideo, Uruguay
- Coast of Montenegro, Montenegro
- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
- Faroe Islands
- Rangoon, Myanmar
- Chennai and Pondicherry, India
- Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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