The most searched job in Belgrade: They laugh and applaud, and they get cash on their hands!

Many viewers have noted that same person appears in many different shows

Hari Varešanović, Hari Mata Hari, koncert, publika

Foto: Telegraf

The seemingly spontaneous audience is made of well organized extras who can make 1.500 dinars for few hours of applauding. This job in Belgrade is increasingly popular, among elderly and among students

Luka (20) found 6.200 euros: He returned everything and when they offered him a reward, he turned out to be totally cool! (PHOTO)

They applaud to celebrities, scream with excitement in music shows, seriously follow the actions in political debates, laugh in comic programs, anxiously lean their head and drop a few tears in shows with sad life stories and ask questions to celebrities.

For two-three hours they get around 500 dinars and a sandwich, while they can get up to 1.500 dinars and 2 sandwiches for whole day filming. 

There are profiles of people who are available to the production houses on the websites for extras. They say from the shows how much people they need from the agency, what ages, how many males and females, and then the agency organizes them.

Extras were mostly students and pensioners until recently, and there are more and more people who don’t have a job and grab every opportunity to make some money. There are those who find going to the show as an opportunity to go out and have some fun.

Foto: TV Pink

Foto: TV Pink

Students are more and more interested for this job because, as they say, you don’t have to work much, and the money is decent.

Extras of different professions, education, origins, and few are even friends among each other, because they look at one another as competition. Extras that have regular arrangements in the shows can make up to 15.000 dinars per month.

Many viewers have noted that same person appears in many different shows.

Director decides who appears on the screen, but when the subject is interesting, the time goes by quickly. It is important for the person to be attractive during conversation with the guest.


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