If you know Chinese language, you don't have to worry: You are in for a safe and very dynamic job

- Larger visit of tourists from China is a certain signal that we need far more tourist guides that speak the language - said the director of Tourist agency of Belgrade Miodrag Popovic

More than 10.000 tourists from China visited Serbia in first 3 months of this year, which is 61 percent more than the same period of the last year, shows the data of the Republic Institute for Statistics. So far, Chinese are mostly staying in Belgrade, and the director of Tourist organization of Belgrade (TOB) Miodrag Popovic said that the increased visit of Chinese tourists means larger demand for tourist guides who speak that language. 

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- Serbian capital was recently declared one of the most popular destinations on the fair in tourism in Shanghai. We now expect even more Chinese in Belgrade, but in other tourist centers in Serbia.  Larger visit of tourists from China is a certain signal that we need far more tourist guides that speak the language. We currently lack in people in Serbia who know and speak Chinese language, but there are all conditions to overcome that - said Popovic for Informer.

He said that they will encourage people to enroll more Chinese language in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, because there will be more and more visitors from China every year to come.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

- Perhaps we will make agreement with Faculty of Philology in Belgrade for some part time Chinese language course in order to speed up the entire program. First regular course for tourist guides will start in September this year, and i appeal on all students of Chinese language to apply, because that will be their extra income and they will have the possibility to work in tourism.

Foto: Profimedia

Foto: Profimedia

Zoran Miladinovic, president of Serbian association of Tourist guides said that they hire additional people besides their licensed tourist guides because of the increased number of Chinese tourists.

- We call people who graduated in Chinese language on Faculty of Philology and we train them to be tourist guides. They can take tours with our licensed guides around Belgrade and explain Chinese tourists everything they need to know on their mother language - said Miladinovic.

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