Croatia is threatened with terrorist attacks, but the other country is the goal of Jihadists!

If some member of this political current estimates that he could act, he will do it on his own hand. He doesn't need coordination with higher instance...

Croatia is a member of European Union and NATO and as such it is a possible target. Said from Deutsche Welle. However, far greater threat comes from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) whose Muslim terrorist call over and over again to kill "infidels".

Bosnian jihadist arrested on the border with Serbia: Enes Mesic planned terrorist attack in Belgrade?

- Terrorist threat in Croatia is real - words if Pavle Kalinic, politologist who is dealing with security and he is head of Zagreb City administration for emergency situations.

The threat, however, was not addressed to Republic of Croatia and Serbs on Balkans, bit to those in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, it was interpreted somewhat more broadly, regardless of the state border. It was published last week in the journal of the Islamic State of Rumi, and there Croats and Serbs as "apostates from the faith" were called moderate Muslims who live in the Balkans, writes Deutsche Welle.

- Regardless about that, that their words should not be ignored, it is necessary to put in a fuller context addressing to such targets. This means that Croats and Croatia come into focus of Islamic state by default. For the Croatia has been a member of the European Union for several years, which takes on the wider politics of that association. Also it has been a member of NATO for longer, which has its price. Finally, our state was involved in war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a fact which has its weight, no matter how we interpret the Croatian role in that war, good or bad - continues Kalinic.

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News

Blessing in disguise: Who knows where Croatia is?

On the other hand the person from DW recalls from the capital of Croatia reminds that terrorism of Islamic state presents new, different model of organization in the world. While Al Kaida was more organized hierarchically, here we have diffuse structure, with loosely connected cells.

If some member of this political current estimates that he could act, he will do it on his own hand. He doesn't need coordination with higher instance which would take the responsibility. But, the blessing in disguise is that Croatia is just marginal in political, economic and military sense, they are not focused on Paris or London for nothing - said Pavle Kalinic.

Taking in consideration that the danger cannot be negated, Bosnia and Herzegovina is often mentioned in Croatia as a possible outcome of attacks on Croatia itself. Arbitrary messages could be heard here, irresponsible estimates, usually as particular interests in daily politics.

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News, Google Maps

Foto: Profimedia/Zuma Press - News, Google Maps

Zlatko Dizdarevic, a journalist and former Bosnian-Herzegovinian diplomat with extensive experience of life in the Middle East, also believes that none of the foregoing is not impossible. Any clear estimates are difficult to pronounce because this threat is a very fluid phenomenon which does not require a specific trigger for the action, but it is based on the overall, global political chaos and centuries of exploitative attitude of the West towards the Middle East.

- The terrorist threat to our country today may be false, in the world of modern communications it may be only a small group of self-promotion of sick heads. But equally it can be real, because organized forces are acting as a function of conquest. Just like individuals who met in a tavern and feel the need to do something on their own, something heroic - said Dizdarevic.

Foto: Wikipedia Rade Nagraisalović/PANONIAN, Profimedia/Abaca

Foto: Wikipedia Rade Nagraisalović/PANONIAN, Profimedia/Abaca

He believes that the fight against that danger can't be won by force or rockets, because the base of that aggressive reaction is not in classical military showdown.

- By neglecting socio-political and psychological, as well as the value dimension, we can not win the battle against terrorism. We in Bosnia and Herzegovina are an excellent example. Of course, the thesis that the thousands of Wahhabis from Iraq and Syria are returning to the country is completely false, who would be terrorist threat to the state. There wasn't that much at the first place, nor that much can return. Besides, security services in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a very professional relations towards that problem. France, Belgium and Great Britain have clearly more problems with that questions - considers Dizdarevic.

- The base of drama in BiH is far more persistent, systematic Islamization of domestic society has been far more important substance than the state - concludes Zlatko Dizdarevic.

According to him, this multi-component society of Bosnia and Herzegovina is destroyed with the targeted policy from the outside, with the ultimate motive of profit from looting. To the largest nation, Bosniaks, it is suggested the logic of rights tradition and belonging to the family, in this case - Islam. But, when it comes to terrorism, at least it is known what should be acted against in the roots, writes Deutsche Welle.



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