Croat found a message on his car every man is dreaming about (PHOTO)

The man is in a dilemma whether to wash the glass at all ...

When you find a message on a dusty glass of your car, it usually means that someone insulted you, drew a penis or wrote "wash me" on your favorite toy.

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Every man would be happy with the message one man from Dalmatia found on his car (and it has been probably a few days before he washed it away), writes Index.hr.

"Good job! You were good last night", unknown author, with few visible hand prints and legs. prints

"This shouldn't be washed at all, he should go around and brag", said one woman to the owner of the car who is following the popular page "Daily dose of an average man from Dalmatia" where the photo was published. "Unless he has a wife at home...", added another woman...

Leave a comment if you received some messages on your car.


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