Photo of a boy in center of Belgrade with the shirt of "Great Albania" (PHOTO)

A scene that caused numerous comments

A photo of an incredible scene was captured in the shop in BelgradeThe photo clearly shows a boy sitting on a counter, and his shirt with "Great Albania" print on it. 

Ustasha songs and shouting "Kill, Kill Serbs" marked Tompson's concert which was, of course, broadcast on television (VIDEO)

I had to take a photo today... Without excessive discussion how disturbing this is, I will ask a question, what would happen if a Serbian boy wore a shirt with the map of Great Serbia? Indoctrination of children from a young age is even more shocking - wrote Lav Pajkic, son of Isidora Bjelica in the description of the photo.

Members of social networks are wondering the same thing in the comments under the photo.

- Classical child abuse! This boy probably has no idea what he's wearing on himself, or what that means at all! It is obvious that it is more important to parents to provoke Serbs, in the middle of the capital city of Serbia, regardless of the possibility that something bad might happen to their child - one of the comments.

We stress that the photo was taken on Slavija, one of the busiest parts of Belgrade, in the broad daylight.

Take a look at the scene for yourself:

Everything is happening just a few days after it was published that Ismail Morina, known as Balista, who flew a drone with the flag of "Great Albania" to the Belgrade stadium in a football game between Serbia and Albania, won't be extradited to Serbia.


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