LATEST NEWS: BLUE SHARK has been caught in Montenegro, 2.2 meters long (PHOTO)

According to the officials, reports Tanjug, it is a type of shark that primarily feeds on squid, so the "human flesh" is mostly not on the menu

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A 2.2-meter long shark has been caught on the Montenegrin coastline, near Budva yesterday.

Alert in Montenegro: Sea water on one of the most famous beaches - IS NOT FOR SWIMMING!

A photo of the animal was published on the Facebook page "Podgoricki vremeplov", with the description that it was captured on the island Sveta Nedelja near Budva. 

The photo caused an avalanche of comments.

Although many were stunned by its size and, in general, presence in the waters of Montenegro, there were also those who pointed out that it was a type of shark that is primarily fed on squid, and that "human flesh" is mostly not on the menu.

Nevertheless, they also warn that, although they are rarely found in shallow waters, fate should not be challenged.


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