MOVIE LIKE ROBBERY IN MOSTAR: They took a large amount of money out of the post office under a minute, and no one knows how much it was (VIDEO)

Two people entered the post office and took an unknown amount of money

The Mostar Post Office in Zrinski Frankopan Street was the target of a robbery that took place on Tuesday in the afternoon, and the footage of this robbery was published today.

Spectacular video of the robbery: While the waiter was in the garden, thief took the money, drank his coffee and ran away (VIDEO)

According to the Ministry of the Interior of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton yesterday, two people entered the post office threatening with firearms and took an unknown amount of money.

It is added that the robbers took only 85 seconds to perform an apparently well-prepared robbery, after which they moved away in an unknown direction, write Nezavisne.com.

Watch the videos:


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