IKEA in Belgrade is open for business, and Telegraf in at the opening of the jubilee 400th building of the most famous Swedish department store chain (VIDEO)

Today is the day we have been waiting for years when a huge investment will be realized. Follow all events on the portal telegraf.rs

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic appeared at the opening of the "IKEA" department store.

Zoran makes delicacies which are worth 130 euros per kilo, and he immediately sells everything he makes!

Foto: Telegraf

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, addressed the people.

- I am proud that we have participated in everything. I have seen good things for children and adults and I want to thank all citizens of Serbia. I am happy and proud, everyone will see that Serbia is on the right track. I wish you, dear workers, to be happy and to stay here for a long time. I wish you a happy opening and a lot of success and well-being.

Foto: Telegraf

- I could not buy a rolling pin and a board because the cash registers open at 10 o'clock. Many people are laughing to our rolling pin manufacturers, but I know a man from Cuprija who hires a lot of people and he has the right approach. He said: "It's great that you brought "IKEA" department store, now we will fight even harder!". I am not a pessimist and I think that production in Serbia will only progress - said the president.


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