"You can all go f*ck yourself": Wedding parties got into fight in Croatia. The reason of the fight - SERBIAN SINGERS

As it was established in the court, the conflict began when the 58-year-old poured water on his friend M.B. because he invited his wife to dance

The Municipal Court in Zadar sentenced Z.M. (58) to a suspended sentence of eight months due to a massive fight during a wedding dinner in a restaurant in Zadar, in which, dentures and glasses were flying beside bottles and ashtrays, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

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The man from Zadar was charged with two crimes, and the "bloody" dinner, which ended with newlyweds leaving and the groom's message from a microphone "you can all go f*** yourself", happened around 1:30 in the morning during 2013.

As it was established in the court, the conflict began when the 58-year-old poured water on his friend M.B. because he invited his wife to dance. When his son opposed him, Z.M. threw a glass bottle towards him. But, he dodged it and the bottle hit his wife A.B. into the head who was dancing on the dance floor.

The woman had an open wound on the right cheek and fracture of the eighth teeth, but the conflict did not stop there, and Z.M. after that, took an ashtray and hit M.B. from immediate proximity in the nose and he received a nose fracture and head injury.

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Ashtray to the head... 

The sentenced 58-year-old said on the court that he complained to the groom that night because "singers from Serbia" were playing and that bothers him because he is a disabled person from Homeland war.

He said that he couldn't throw the bottle towards him because three waiters were on him, and three on M.B., adding that he punched and choked him with a hand, and he returned "normally". His lady started going to the door out of shock and fear, as he said. 

- My dentures flew out when he hit me with an ashtray, so I took the ashtray and I wanted to throw it at him, but I missed - said the 58-year-old.

- In that moment, M.B. grabbed me by the neck and started choking me - he said on the court and M.B. explained that 58-year-old hit him and smashed one lens out of the frame.

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... and then a bottle to the head

- When we got into a fight we wrestled and we pushed each other. I threw a glass on him, he threw a bottle at my son. The bride left from the wedding straight to the hospital. She had a cut on her right side of the face and her tooth was smashed - said M.B.

One of the guests at the wedding said that she searched for the dentures together with the wife of a 58-year-old on the floor. 

- As soon as she found it, the wife took her bag, left the area and went to the lobby - she said.

The other witness said that everything happened in three seconds and that the "brain is not working properly" in those moments, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.


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