Baby in Belgrade surprised the entire medical world: She was born with two teeth, and two more came out few days later (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The nurses made jokes that she will eat burgers first instead of milk

Married couple Jelena and Dubravko Despotovic from Belgrade became parents of a beautiful girl Tijana a few days ago. She succeeded in amazing them, and also the entire medical world. Namely, this unique baby was born with two teeth, and two more started coming out just a few days later. 

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- I asked right after the birth where was she, I couldn't wait to for them to bring her, but the nurses were joking around and said that she is already in kindergarten, that she skipped baby age and that she will have burgers first - said the happy mother Jelena.

- I saw what interested me the most, and that is that Tijana and Jelena are alright, that the delivery went with no problems, and then I was surprised when I got the second photo where you could see teeth - father said for the "150 minutes" show.

Foto: TV Prva

The teeth grew in a few days, and two more started growing. Proud parents are joking that Tijana's grandpa knew that she will be a super baby while she was still in the womb.

- She was pretty active in the womb and she was jumping around all the time. Grandpa is joking that she is a little squirrel because of all the jumping - said Jelena.

Given that she is a Leo in the horoscope and that she is biting from her birth, Tijana's parents are finding symbolism and hope that their girl will bite her entire life. That she will be a great fighter.

This rare phenomenon occurs in one of 3.000 babies. That means that little Tijana is just dentally more developed from other children. For her parents, she is a first born child and pure love.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Prva)

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