The American writer reveals the magic of her books: Although we live in different continents, we all enjoy the same stories

"The hero and heroine must learn to trust each other in order to survive the danger that is swirling around them. I love romantic-suspense because the suspense heightens the stakes in the relationship and the intense relationship raises the stakes in the suspense"

Everyday life can be tiresome and hard for most people due to numerous obligations they come across, and most of them wish to relax with a good book at the end of the day, most likely with a love story. The ones that are intertwined with mysterious and dangerous events are especially interesting, because that gives the opportunity to readers to explore an entirely different world, to dream and to fire up their imagination. The American writer Jayne Ann Krentz likes to writes that kind of novels

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She likes to offer a good and interesting story to her readers, with the combination of romance and uncertainty. This talented writer is different from many just because she writes stories depicting different romantic worlds. 

These are historical, contemporary and futuristic love novels, and she writes under a different name for each of those timelines. She is most famous with us under the pseudonym Amanda Quick, whose historical stories continually delight the reading audience.

Jayne Ann Krentz spoke about her works in an exclusive interview for Telegraf.co.uk, what is inspiring her the most when she is writing, what loves means to her, and she also delivered a warm message to her readers in Serbia

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- Where do you find inspiration for your novels?

The truth is, I do not know where my inspiration comes from.  All I know is that I suddenly get an idea for a plot and the next thing I do is start asking questions about what kind of characters would get involved in that particular mystery.

Then I ask more and more questions until the story starts to take shape.  I suppose you could say that, for me, building the story is a process of asking and answering my own questions.

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Why do you write under three names and what do you want to tell the readers?

- I never set out to write under three names! I do realize that it is confusing. Originally I used my three names to distinguish my three different romance worlds:  Jayne Ann Krentz for contemporary novels of romantic-suspense, Jayne Castle for my futuristic romantic-suspense stories and Amanda Quick for my historical titles. (Vulkan, my Serbian publisher, is currently publishing my Amanda Quick titles).

I always assumed that one of the three names would become more successful than the others.  I intended to focus on the one that attracted the most readers.  I never expected all three of my names -- and all three of my fictional worlds -- to find audiences, but that is what happened.  I have discovered that it is very refreshing for me, as an author, to be able to move between those three different worlds.

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Are some of your novels inspired by true events and tell us something about that?

- I don't focus on true events for my stories but obviously, everything in an author's world provides material for plots. For instance, before I started writing I worked as a librarian and also in the corporate world.  I often use those backgrounds in my stories.

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For me, true love is based on trust, kindness, honor, and affection.

Many would say that your stories are a bit unrealistic because today there are not so many great love stories that last a lifetime. Do you agree with them?

- I do not understand why some people think that fiction should be realistic.  By definition it is not realistic -- it is fiction.  If one wants realistic stories, one reads the newspapers and works of nonfiction.  People read fiction because they want to be free to use their imaginations.

Fiction allows us to take mini-vacations, to relax, to be inspired, to dream, to have adventures that we do not expect or even want to have in real life. Reading fiction is a very unique, very personal pleasure.  When we read we don't need anything or anyone else -- just a book.

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Do we as a society miss romance nowadays? Many ladies complain that men don't know how to seduce them.

- I think every generation redefines the outward trappings of romance.  The advent of modern technology and the internet have certainly complicated the old-fashioned rituals of courtship but deep down people have not changed emotionally.  We must invent new, modern ways to be romantic.  Ultimately, I think it still comes down to looking for someone we can trust, someone whose values align with our own, someone who is kind and honorable.  Those qualities have always been rare and extremely valuable.

Passion is important in the beginning because it can serve as the spark that brings two people together.  But true love is established over time and it is based on stronger, more vital things such as mutual admiration and respect.

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You always write about strong male characters, but also strong female characters. Do you want to tell women that they need to be independent and to learn to take care of themselves? How important is the term feminism in your writing?

- For every woman to have the self-confidence that comes from knowing that she can take care of herself.  I don't think about issues of feminism when I write -- I think about having strong characters -- male and female.   No one admires weak people of either gender.

I have always loved to read stories with a mix of romance and suspense and that is what I love to write.

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Since you are writing about love, you are certainly a very romantic person. What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?

- Actually, I'm not a very romantic person.  My husband is much more romantic than I am.  However, the craziest thing I've ever done was agree to elope with my husband.  Everyone we knew did not think our marriage would last but here we are, still happy together after many years.

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You've gone a long way to find the right way to success. You were thinking of quitting writing at some point, and today, when you see yourself as the best-selling author, are you glad that you had faith in yourself and did not give up?

- The truth is, I couldn't quit, even if I wanted to.  Writing is a compulsion and a passion for me.  I can't stop.  There was a time, back at the start of my career when I could not get my books published. I told myself it would probably be a good idea to quit but I was unable to walk away from writing.  It has a hold on me that I cannot explain.

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Your books are very popular in Serbia. Do you plan to come to our country one day and to hang out with your readers?

- It would be wonderful to travel to Serbia and meet with readers.  I would like to take this opportunity to send them my greetings and best wishes and to thank them for their interest in my books.  I am thrilled that even though we live in different countries on different continents we can all enjoy the same kinds of stories. We all respond to the same type of heroes and heroines.  That tells me that we have a lot in common.  If we ever meet, I'm sure we will be friends.

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