Details of the horror on Boulevard: She murdered her boyfriend and his dog, and watched the investigation from the street

Police performed the investigation and the body was sent to the Institute of Court Mecidine to determine the precise cause of death

Belgrade's Police found lifeless bodies of a man, T.V. (63) and his dog in the stage of decomposing, in the apartment on Boulevard of King Aleksandar 147. Although the neighbours were suspecting that it was a natural death because T.V. was a heroin addict, and he had a very bad health, a 38-year-old A.S. was arrested who was observing the investigation from the street. 

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The bodies of the man and the dog were found when neighbours called the police for the unbearable stench that came from the apartment.

- Police found terrible sight in the apartment. There were bodies of T.V. and the dog which were starting to decompose. The man was found in the bed room and he had no clothes on him. The dog was found in the bathtub in the bathroom! The entire apartment was bloody, the scene was horrible - said the source from "Srpski Telegraf".

As we found out, A.S. was arrested quickly when police arrived at the scene, by pure chance.

The girl stood across the building while the police did the investigation, and they noticed her because she was acting very strange and she was very disturbed. When police men approached her, A.S. tried to resist and to run away. The suspect defended her self with silence during the hearing - said the source.

Foto: Telegraf

According to the neighbours, the suspect and the victim lived together in the apartment, and no one has seen them for dozen days when the murder was probably carried out.

- It is assumed that there was a fight before the murder, and it is not impossible that both of them were under influence considering that they were serious addicts - they said.

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He lived with his mother and they were arguing all the time. He didn't allow her to go out of the apartment, and when she got out she would shout in the hallway: "Help, save me!". When she died, he completely turned himself to vice. I saw him around the neighbourhood all skinny. Something like this could be expected. We saw him with his girlfriend lately, I think that she moved in that apartment - said the neighbour who wanted to remain anonymous.

Police performed the investigation, and the body was sent to the Institute for Court Medicine to determine the right cause of death.


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