SARA CAUSED A BOOTYQUAKE ON BALKANS: Everybody attacked her for her provocative moves, these are her brutal answers (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

She said that she doesn't see anything controversial in the way her father cheered for her because parents support her in what she likes

Sara Seifert (18), raised a lot of dust during her participation in the show "Super talent", and now the entire Balkans is talking about this girl from Vukovar. Namely, she showed enchanting abilities in twerking on the stage, and her challenging dance was shared by the public. One jury member named the dance a "mating call", and some of the people started disapproving her on social networks, while others praised her. Sara answered after all of them and she explained her view on the situation. 

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She said for net.hr that she expected to get reactions like this for her performance, but she didn't expect the entire state to talk about it. She is not even reading the comments, she doesn't have time, but she emphasizes that she doesn't expect to change.

She said that she doesn't see anything controversial in the way her father cheered for her because parents support her in what she likes, writes net.hr.

She learned to twerk over Youtube. She has been practicing this dance for four years, every day, except on Sunday when she rests. She is now training for four or five hours a day. 

She thinks that twerking is not easy and that it is her talent, she never had any previous experience in dancing before. She said that people should appreciate her efforts.

She said that twerking doesn't take much of her time and that she is an exemplary student of the final year of a pharmaceutical school. SHe knows how to use her time between studying, training and house chores, and she also knows how to cook.

Her friends are a great support when it comes to twerking, especially her friend Zorica. Her boyfriend is also her great support in everything. 

She plans to move to Ireland, because she always wanted to live there, and her brother lives in Dublin. She plans to continue dancing, writes net.hr.

What is actually twerking? 

Twerking is a dance movement that rarely leaves anyone indifferent. It consists of moving the buttocks up and down into the squat so that movements resemble the simulation of sex. It is precisely why it is considered very provocative and daring. 

It became a part of hip-hop culture 20 years ago, but has only recently become popular because it is practiced by famous music stars, writes Jutarnji.hr.

It's a fun and addictive dance, where all muscles are involved and which improves circulation in the body. This sex dance is the best and fastest way to form the buttocks and the rest of the body as soon as possible. The classes of this dance are now available in many gyms and fitness centers. 

What does it look like?

Excercise, that usually looks like the simple moving of the butt, is not taken seriously, and it is actually the combination of exercise and dancing and it requires a lot of practice.

- First changes can be seen after three to four months, depending on how much they are practicing - said Sandra Bandula, Hip Hop dancer and MTV dancer, who has her private classes.

Twerk requires isolation of certain parts of the body and a lot of strength because it includes squats and even some jumps. It all affects the butt, thighs and waist and abdominal muscles, and in fact the whole body.

- Twerk has elements of belly dance, as well as reggaeton, Hip Hop, and I throw in a bit of Salsa. Although I am in good form, this training makes me very tired. It all may look simple, but it actually isn't. I want my beginners to think and to work hard. That requires concentration so it is all even harder - explains Sandra, who said that training can't last more than an hour because it is very hard, writes Jutarnji.hr.


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