Croatia has border disputes with Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and solution is nowhere to be found

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes that "Croatia has no open border conflicts with Italy and Hungary, but with other neighbors - it has"

Under the title "Croatia is a quarreler in the neighborhood", Deutsche Welle reports the writing of German press which states that the official Zagreb has border disputes with four former Yugoslav republics - Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina - and the solutions are nowhere to be found. 

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The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes that "Croatia has no open border conflicts with Italy and Hungary, but with other neighbors - it has".

The FAZ recalls that international arbitration has ruled that three-quarters of the Piran Bay belongs to Slovenia and recognized that country the right to a maritime corridor to international waters.

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The author points out that the Croatian rejection of the international arbitration decision on the Piran Bay has led to unnecessary intensification of the situation and recommends that these states act like Netherlands and Germany - the border on the Ems was controversial, but, instead of insisting on its correct determination, the two countries agreed to form a special commission that regulated administration and use of the area by numerous additional agreements.

"The question of the exact border is still unclear, but it does not bother the Germans nor the Dutch."

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar called it a historic decision that would definitely end the dispute.

"The opposite happened, the relations between the two neighboring countries that once were part of Yugoslavia are now dramatically worse." Slovenia is now boycotting Croatia's accession to the Organization for International Cooperation and Development and threatens to veto the plan of Croatia's joining the Schengen zone in 2018 ", says FAZ.

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He reminds that in the summer of 2015, when hundreds of thousands of migrants headed north over Balkans, Croatia was not interested in taking control of its external Schengen border.

Ever since the route has been closed, they have been interested in liberal border regime, said the German papers and added:

"Because the country lives on tourism. When this year's season began, Slovenians began to again exercise the control by the rule of the service, and immediately at the border with Croatia, columns of cars were waiting for hours. The geographical position is an effective means of pressure. In the past, it has been repeatedly shown that Slovenians do not hesitate to apply it if they judge that their national interests are endangered", the FAZ writes.

Serbia, the FAZ recalls, is an eastern neighbor that often protests, as it is stated, for possible or real discrimination of Serb minorities and for revisionist tendencies of the ruling HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union). 

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"One of the last such disputes was led because of a memorial plaque to Croatian victims of the war in Yugoslavia, which was originally set near the former concentration camp Jasenovac, which has the Ustasha greeting," the newspaper wrote.

They say for Montenegro that they are a neighboring state at the south and reminds that they protested against placing the monument to ring-wing extremists and a plane hijacker Miro Baresic.

The Croatian-Montenegrin border dispute over the Prevlaka Peninsula should be concluded by bilateral negotiations.

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The paper notes that the two countries do not want to address international arbitration.

"Relations between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are particularly burdensome. Sarajevo is protesting for the construction of a bridge in Peljesac that would connect the south of the Dalmatian coast with the Croatian road network, which would mean bypassing the Bosnian-Herzegovinian part of the coast with Neum".

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Bosniaks, that is, Bosnian Muslims, writes the newspapers, are defending themselves from charges that Islamist terrorists have their own centers in Bosnia. Zagreb supports Bosnian Croats in an effort to gain greater influence in the Bosniak-Croat Federation.

The Bosnian secret service recently admitted that it was eavesdropping the phone conversations of Croatian politicians and entrepreneurs.


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