Telegraf in a tavern with the leader of Serbian fans from Vienna: Red Star and Partizan fans will cheer for national team, everybody will be proud of our choreography (PHOTO)

An interview with a man who is one of the most deserving people for 25.000 Serbian fans who will be at the stadium Ernst Happel

It is said for Vienna that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the place with a soul, the city of waltz, art, culture... but also the third largest city in the world with Serbs in it. 

ALL THE ROADS LEAD TO VIENNA: Serbian fans caused a collapse at the entrance to Hungary! (PHOTO)

Just because of Serbs, Vienna will be "the city of sport" on Friday night, taking in consideration the spectacle being prepared during, and after the match between Austria and Serbia. The spectacle this city on the Danube has never seen before.

It has been said for days that the Serbian national team will have home support on Ernst Happel stadium. Goran Vujic is the one who is the most deserving that 25.000 Serbian fans will appear on the stands.


The man many people think of as a leader of Serbian fans in Vienna. In the talk with Telegraf, Goran explained how the idea to organize cheering appeared, and also he announced that every Serb will be proud of choreography.

- This story started purely out of insurgency because of the fans of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, although there are five or six times less than us, organize the cheering for their national team much better than we do. It is much more euphoric. So di idea came from me and Nemanja Jovicic (Goran is originally from Banja Luka, Nemanja from Lopar - Republika Srpska) to start something - started Goran and continued:

- Simply put, I am ashamed that we can't organize something good here, and there are 200.000 of us here. We included almost all people. I have to admit that it was hard to organize that all at the beginning, but, as the game approached, the euphoria grew larger and larger.

It grew so much that it is almost certain that there will be more Serbs than home fans.

Foto: Telegraf

- We ordered the tickets ourselves over the internet so we could group our fans the best we could. We used to gather in one club and the people could come and get tickets from us. No matter the fact that they could do it over the internet themselves. Because of that reason, we started the story for cheering - said Goran:

- A and F sectors are ours. 14.200 tickets have been sold, and people bought tickets for the sectors around. Austrians stopped the sales for neutral sectors when they realized that there might be more than 25.000 of our fans. That is a great defeat for them.

- Nothing similar was ever seen in these areas. And it would be a shame, Serbs in Vienna are largest foreign population. And now, if we didn't do anything - it would be a shame.

- If we win, there will be a celebration all over the city. All clubs are already reserved, everything is ready, we just need the victory. The Vienna will burn if we take down Austria. There will be celebration till morning.

Foto: Telegraf


Many fear that there will be riots which could be caused by Serbian fans, but Goran said no, here is why:

- Here, for example, there will be no pyrotechnics, that is the deal. Because we would only harm our team with it.

Of course, you can't control every man in the stands, but we will try our best to keep the behavior without a problem. Certain guys will be there who will observe the situation and jump in if there are some stupid things. Of course, only if necessary.

This kind of organization is not simple at all, and the next Goran's words are for every praise. This was impossible to connect in Serbia, and he managed to do that with no problems. Guess what. Delije (Red Star fans) and Grobari (Partizan fans) will be like one.

That wasn't simple, but there was an agreement between us Delije and Grobari that we will organize the cheering together. There won't be any club markings, we will cheer only for Serbia. To help our team go to Russia. And to make a celebration in Serbia. We are much stronger than Austria and with this support, we can make the atmosphere like on Marakana - said Goran.

We plan on going to Russia, we are already in contact with Russians, it will be like home. We, as Delije, have contacts with Spartak, Partizan fans have contacts with CSKA. Everybody will help to see Grobari and Delije united in Russia.


- You probably wonder how we united. Look, it is different here than in Serbia. We know each other here since we were kids. We work together, we hang out together. We are enemies only when its derby, and perhaps a day or two after it... And when everything is over... We are Serbs and we cheer for Serbia after all. That is most important. 

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- Marakana is my church. That is where we lived our best moments... That is one big love and true fans know that. No matter if they are Delije or Grobari.

When Goran comes home, when he hugs his wife and kisses his son and his wife in morning hours, these words will go through his head:

I came home well and alive. Serbia won. We are going to the World championship. Everything went alright, without any incidents. Now I can sleep peacefully. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Mario Maric)

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