Marina (29) set her self, her son, and her daughter on fire: She got off from work, she picked up her children and took them deep into the woods - and then their bodies were found

Her father-in-law says she left a letter addressed to "For Dario", but that it was not a farewell letter

Three burden bodies were found in woods Staro Brdo in Husain in Croatia near Kutina, and they have been identified, it is a mother Marina S. (29) and her two minor children, son (1) and daughter (5). 

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- The son was at home and waited for her to return, but she did not come. We called her on the mobile, she did not answer. It sounded as if the mobile was off or there was no signal. It never happened before that she did not answer, so we were worried. Oh, my God, what happened to her? Why? - her father-in-law Djuro S. is still in shock.

It is known that Marina left work around 15:00h, as usual. She was in good mood, so no one could imagine what she was planning to do.

She was working as an accountant for the company employed by the hotel.

Her father-in-law says she left a letter addressed to "For Dario", but that it was not a farewell letter.

It was not a farewell letter, but that was the money and the membership card of the library where she rented books for children. When she arrived from work, she went to the mother-in-law and she picked up the children.

They were, said Djuro, at their grandmother, because the girl was a bit sick, so she didn't want to take them to the kindergarten. Instead of that, she put them in the "Chevrolet" and went.

It is suspected that she committed suicide and that she took the children with her.

Foto: Profimedia/Press Association

Three rangers found the burnt bodies around 9 o'clock, and the police started the investigation.

According to unofficial information, the investigators who are used to the worst possible scenes were welcomed by a true horror. The bodies were unrecognizable, and only the chassis remained from the car.

Marina's father-in-law adds that he didn't get information from the authorities or police how they died nor the motive that could make her harm the children. It is speculated that she was struck by her husband's disease.

- My son is very sick. He has a brain tumor and he has been through his second surgery and he is taking medications. The two of them were very close and she loved him very much. Was that the motive, I really don't know - said the desperate Djuro.

He adds that the spouses, who were married for six years, never had fights or had any marriage problems. They lived in the same household, and their son Dario had a company for the decoration of the interior.


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