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Ultimatum for Macedonia: No NATO membership without changing the name

A new round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina starts today: Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci face to face in Brussels

Serbia is making a property list in Croatia worth 1.8 billion euros

Kolinda attacked by a swarm of hornets while visiting border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (PHOTO)

A Serb girl is munching 15 jars of Nutella a month because "she wants to have the biggest booty in the world" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Nole, please, I am all wet... Rival begged Djokovic for a break, and that is just one out of three craziest moments of the match! (VIDEO)

Vienna supports Kosovo's entry into Interpol

Investigations launched against a paramilitary group in Slovenia: Recordings and photographs of armed men caused panic on social networks (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

Gruevski denies Wikileaks information that Macedonia agreed in 2008 to change its name: "We will listen to the various nonsense of the government during the campaign"

Former prime minister of Croatia spoke about her sad first day of school: "They mocked me because I don't have a father and they beat me up" (PHOTO)

Serbia is disappearing, we will have less than 7 million residents this year!

Drunk Serb arrested in Croatia for driving on the wrong side of the road

A great Serbian intellectual, Vladeta Jerotic, passed away. This is what he used to say

The incredible sight at the sea near Rovinj: Four waterspouts were active at the same time (VIDEO)

As if he knew that Federer would lose: Watch what Novak said when asked if he would watch his match (VIDEO)

Croatian video game full with neo-Nazi symbols became a world hit in a short time (VIDEO)

SHE WAS 15, AND HE WAS 17: They got a daughter Mina because they had sex, and they didn't know they could have a baby! (PHOTO)

My big, fat, Orthodox, Krajina wedding: Dragana and Radoslav from Knin got married in folk attires (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A debate was scheduled for the assets of the Yugoslav People's Army, worth 70 billion dollars: Croats want 500 tanks and helicopters back from Serbia

Our celebrated handball player raised a monument to Ratko Mladic in Republika Srpska! (PHOTO)

Pacolli revealed that he comes from Orthodox family and he shocked with the statement about Serbian churches on Kosovo: They were built by Albanians as well

More and more young people are leaving Croatia: Buses full, mothers cry while they send their children away

The shame of Croatian Wikipedia: They describe Jasenovac as a relaxation resort and they call it "collection camp"

Nadja and Dina (11) are heroes of Novi Sad: They are buying food for stray dogs with their pocket money which they earn by selling drawings

Djokovic in the third round of US Open: Novak needlessly played an extra set, and he has 12:1 against the next opponent!

The schedule for Red Star matches in Champions League is known: The first match on Marakana, and then two as a guest!

Liters of beer, singing, the entire city covered in posters: Red Star fans occupied Salzburg, over 10.000 fans expected on the stadium! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Veselin Jevrosimovic: Get out of the Serbian athletics, everybody who participated in the scam!

Three criminal charges for Stevica who tortures animals, and he can get a miserable sentence of one year in prison (VIDEO)