Teme: Interesting

Drama on the flight Belgrade - Podgorica: A lightning struck the passenger airplane of Montenegro Airlines

Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

Rivers of beer around Kalemegdan: And on the street - heaven! (PHOTO)

The legend of world football came to Novak to his saint day, and then ended up on tennis court (PHOTO)

NATURE'S WONDER IN SERBIA: A calf was born with 2 heads, the man almost fainted when he saw 2 tongues!

Wild Boar is chasing people in Novi Sad: Chaos on the streets, people in panic, the video has traveled around the region! (VIDEO)

Miracle in Trebinje: Little Mia (4) started speaking perfect English, she speaks it equally good as Serbian (VIDEO)

Like in a craziest movie: He escaped the prison, he saw what was going on in Zadar, he returned and he begged the guards to take him back

A couple from Belgrade ended up in a pool of blood because of sex: Doctors tried to take out the spring out of the lady's buttocks early in the morning!

Robbie Williams boasted with his game against Djokovic, and then the football legend invited Nole (VIDEO)

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE IN SERBIA: You've never heard of it, and the air is healing, people live up to 100 years, they drink water from a stream (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Aleksandar made 20.000 euros over the night: He went to sleep like he does every night, and he woke up a king!

An incredible task for the firefighters: The rescued a girl in red thongs, no one knows how she got stuck on the balcony (PHOTO)

Croat got a vibrator stuck in his anus, it was vibrating the entire day: His wife called for a doctor, and they were speechless when they heard the entire story!

Great white shark recorded in the Adriatic: It is 7 meters long and weighs two tonnes (VIDEO)

When gourds grow on willows: Milivoje has a unique plant, and it appeared entirely by accident (PHOTO)

Cursed Adriatic island claimed another victim: Mysterious deaths occurred there, and another tragedy happened yesterday

Mysterious "black dot" in the sky above Belgrade: Frightened citizens recorded everything, some even suspected of UFO (VIDEO)

Croatian news reporter created a show once again: He read the offers for warplanes from 1945, because Croats live in that time anyway (VIDEO)

They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

She wants to be the president of Slovenia and they accuse her of prostitution: Sexy Martina likes to take nude photos and knows what the state needs (PHOTO)

Croats removed provocative billboards when Milenia threatened with a lawsuit! But, it doesn't end there...

Melania Trump hits back: She responded after the insulting billboard and she gave them the deadline of 24 hours!

The clash of the titans on Kosovo: The greatest battle in Serbian history looked like this! (VIDEO)

MIRACLE IN SERBIA: Doctors started the surgery on her appendix, but when they made the cut, they saw the WORLD PHENOMENON!

It's too much, even from Bogdan: While others practiced normally, Bogdan wanted to score in the most spectacular way in the world (VIDEO)

The Balkan Nostradamus guessed all the goals in the game Serbia-Moldavia, then he went to casino and made 900 euros: Slovenian became a hit in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The most unusual job in Montenegro: You just have to lie down next to the expensive "Lamborghini", and the money is sent to your bank account (PHOTO)

Newlyweds stopped the Aqua park in Jagodina: They went down the slide, they kissed in the pool! Serbia has never seen this kind of wedding (VIDEO)

LATEST NEWS: BLUE SHARK has been caught in Montenegro, 2.2 meters long (PHOTO)