Teme: Interesting

They stole "Golf" from a Bosnian, and they returned it after a month: He opened the trunk in disbelief, and he found a lot of stuff inside (PHOTO)

She wants to be the president of Slovenia and they accuse her of prostitution: Sexy Martina likes to take nude photos and knows what the state needs (PHOTO)

Croats removed provocative billboards when Milenia threatened with a lawsuit! But, it doesn't end there...

Melania Trump hits back: She responded after the insulting billboard and she gave them the deadline of 24 hours!

The clash of the titans on Kosovo: The greatest battle in Serbian history looked like this! (VIDEO)

MIRACLE IN SERBIA: Doctors started the surgery on her appendix, but when they made the cut, they saw the WORLD PHENOMENON!

It's too much, even from Bogdan: While others practiced normally, Bogdan wanted to score in the most spectacular way in the world (VIDEO)

The Balkan Nostradamus guessed all the goals in the game Serbia-Moldavia, then he went to casino and made 900 euros: Slovenian became a hit in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The most unusual job in Montenegro: You just have to lie down next to the expensive "Lamborghini", and the money is sent to your bank account (PHOTO)

Newlyweds stopped the Aqua park in Jagodina: They went down the slide, they kissed in the pool! Serbia has never seen this kind of wedding (VIDEO)

LATEST NEWS: BLUE SHARK has been caught in Montenegro, 2.2 meters long (PHOTO)

Croat found a message on his car every man is dreaming about (PHOTO)

Even the British Mirror wrote about the aliens above Serbia: 6 planes sail over the night sky of the "hilly Balkans" (VIDEO)

Meet Tesla from Sipovo: Slavko was the first one to bring electricity to his village in 1965, and he is even selling it now (PHOTO)

The earth opened and swallowed lamb and sheep: Abyss in Nova Varos frightened villagers

Bosnian has 52 grandchildren and he offers 25.000 euros to anyone who can find him new wife: She has to fulfill two conditions (VIDEO)

It will surprise you how many countries 30-year-olds have changed without moving out from Serbia (PHOTO)

National team which would make "Dream Team" shiver in fear: This would be the Yugoslav team for Eurobasket today! (PHOTO)

Deadly street gymnastics: Young men perform stunts at the edge of Branko's Bridge in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Ana Brnabic will be SECOND GAY PRIME MINISTER in the history of Serbia (PHOTO)

The drunkest Croat ever: He was so smashed from alcohol that he persistently tried to unlock the wrong car! (VIDEO)

A dolphin strayed near the coast among the swimmers in Slano, so it decided to swim around and play with them (VIDEO)

SEXY GIRLS from Novi Sad placed their butts on the roof of the building, spread their legs and thought that no one sees them (PHOTO)

Spectacular footage with a drone of music fountain In Belgrade: Say its not the most beautiful fountain in Europe (VIDEO)

HE IS A MUSLIM, AND SHE IS A SERB! After 28 years they found out they are - BROTHER AND SISTER! Their story is a Hollywood movie

Belgrade received musical fountain: Classic and famous hits will be heard twice a day

Guys from Becej reached Mongolia like it was nothing with 28 year old "Yugo", and they had to stop the adventure on the way back (PHOTO)

Professor won against Croatian Democratic Union for fun: He became a sensation on Youtube for his tears (VIDEO)

Regular flight over the Kraljevo turned into a fairy tale of Tamara and Nebojsa: She looked to the ground, and there was a beautiful message (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The most bizarre moments of NATO summit: Who pushed who, who arm wrestled, who gossiped and who looked who with evil eyes (VIDEO)