Teme: Interesting

Serbian Kolo and accordion in Greek sea: Serbian politician brought a hundred people to the water with the sounds of folk music (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Predrag leaves magical stones on the beach and he wants someone to find them: He did that incognito, but he became the main attraction in Greece (PHOTO)

The incredible success of a young paraglider: He flew over Macedonia in a single breath

Serbs went to Skiathos via ship and they simply had to dance to kolo (VIDEO)

The map of Croatia annoyed Bosnians like never before: The whole world teases them for one little thing

A record-breaking baby was born: Twice as heavy as the others, 5 kilos and 600 grams

Drawings of the pupils from Banja Luka divided the nation: Is this for applause or for a psychologist?

Young Serbian basketball player is the world champion, he has three college diplomas, and he did another wonder when he was 10 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Water can't do anything to the man from Balkans in "Golf" while all other cars are drowned due to floods (VIDEO)

Ana is a princess from Nis: While her friends went to the prom in limos, she rode on a horse Rajna (PHOTO)

This truck driver from Macedonia is the greatest man in the world: When he hears his favorite song, the roads start roaring! (VIDEO)

Disco Sausage! An English commentator gave the craziest nickname to the Serbian player: The entire world was laughing

A bizarre creature shocked people of Nis after the rain: They claim that the monster moved its hands, and some suspects it an - alien! (PHOTO)

THE SWEETEST CANDID CAMERA EVER: Children "scared" the shoppers, this was never seen in Serbia (VIDEO)

Zoran started his "marry machine" and he created a miracle: This simple drink is unique in the world and it can be found only in Bogatic (PHOTO)

Bojan and Ana posses the ability that only 2% of the people in the world have - they can talk and read backward (PHOTO)

The baby is coming! Biljana Stanojevic gave (32) birth to her sixth child in the ambulance: Little Zarko got his name after the technician who brought him to this world (PHOTO)

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

The groom wore a suit from bags and the bride wore a dress from waste paper. Instead of gifts, they got trash (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Spiderman from Rijeka: He risked his life to declare his love to the girl in an unusual way (VIDEO)

Foreigners are selling the Serbian brand Cipiriti: Favorite treat will be produced in Paracin

Bosnian landed into a yard of a Serbian family, and he couldn't even imagine what was waiting for him down there (PHOTO)

They gave Americans to try Macedonian dishes, and their reactions are hilarious: They had to eat tripe soups, tavce gravce, rolled cabbage... (VIDEO)

Unbelievable! A woman washed her butt at a fountain in the middle of the day (VIDEO)

Arnaud Gouillon finally met Ognjen, his "little Serbian double" (PHOTO)

FOR A GOOD MORNING: Geese are crossing the road, and crossing, and crossing, and there is no end to it. All you can do is just wait (VIDEO)

The whole world writes about the best love story in Croatia: Klepetan and Malena have 62 descendants, and he returns to her every year

Nole broke a racket on training, Vajda woke up a tennis beast within him! (PHOTO)

The most famous snout in Bosnia: A pig instead of a turn signal (VIDEO)

Catch it, if you can! Bobi Marjanovic humiliated the strongest NBA center, everybody was laughing, even the "Brow" (VIDEO)