Teme: Interesting

Skiing and Snowman in Ulcinj: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan became white, snow will continue to fall for the next few days

Sexy girl was amazed while she commented on Jokic's moves (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Sexy Maria flies an airplane as if it's nothing: Besides the photos in a plane, she likes taking photos in a swimming suit the most (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THE BRAVEST BABY IN BELGRADE: While grownups faint from fear, he is SCREAMING OUT IN LAUGHTER while his blood is being taken out (VIDEO)

Young mother from Jagodina delivered a baby with the help of a neighbor in the house: She was a mother for a few minutes, and that right was taken away from her

Zvonimir collected skis on the street that people threw away: Children were ashamed of him, and now everyone is envious of what he did with the waste (VIDEO)

Man from Belgrade defended his thesis in national clothes, and he repeated everything for his master thesis: Filip is the man from the Faculty of Law (PHOTO)

Mysterious downhill on the Serbian mountain, where due to the proximity Djavolja Varos, the water is flowing uphill (VIDEO)

SERB THE GENIUS: He sold an egg cardboard, you will be amazed when you see how! (PHOTO)

A young man from Kosovo recognized himself in a childhood photo of his fiancee, and they didn't know each other. Destiny connected them in Montenegro (PHOTO)

UNPRECEDENTED IN SERBIAN FOOTBALL: Fans left a gift for the opposing player, and he said: One day, I will return the favor (PHOTO)

The sexiest fitness doctors in Serbia, Maja and Marija: Who would you choose to treat you? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Drama on the flight Belgrade - Podgorica: A lightning struck the passenger airplane of Montenegro Airlines

Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

Rivers of beer around Kalemegdan: And on the street - heaven! (PHOTO)

The legend of world football came to Novak to his saint day, and then ended up on tennis court (PHOTO)

NATURE'S WONDER IN SERBIA: A calf was born with 2 heads, the man almost fainted when he saw 2 tongues!

Wild Boar is chasing people in Novi Sad: Chaos on the streets, people in panic, the video has traveled around the region! (VIDEO)

Miracle in Trebinje: Little Mia (4) started speaking perfect English, she speaks it equally good as Serbian (VIDEO)

Like in a craziest movie: He escaped the prison, he saw what was going on in Zadar, he returned and he begged the guards to take him back

A couple from Belgrade ended up in a pool of blood because of sex: Doctors tried to take out the spring out of the lady's buttocks early in the morning!

Robbie Williams boasted with his game against Djokovic, and then the football legend invited Nole (VIDEO)

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE IN SERBIA: You've never heard of it, and the air is healing, people live up to 100 years, they drink water from a stream (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Aleksandar made 20.000 euros over the night: He went to sleep like he does every night, and he woke up a king!

An incredible task for the firefighters: The rescued a girl in red thongs, no one knows how she got stuck on the balcony (PHOTO)

Croat got a vibrator stuck in his anus, it was vibrating the entire day: His wife called for a doctor, and they were speechless when they heard the entire story!

Great white shark recorded in the Adriatic: It is 7 meters long and weighs two tonnes (VIDEO)

When gourds grow on willows: Milivoje has a unique plant, and it appeared entirely by accident (PHOTO)

Cursed Adriatic island claimed another victim: Mysterious deaths occurred there, and another tragedy happened yesterday

Mysterious "black dot" in the sky above Belgrade: Frightened citizens recorded everything, some even suspected of UFO (VIDEO)