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I TREATED JIHADISTS, THEN ONE OF THEM DIED TO ME: Shocking confession of a doctor from Syria, who goes through Serbia to Germany (VIDEO)

A Syrian doctor and his family headed for Germany to escape the Islamic State

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The largest number of refugees passing through Serbia are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Migrants from Syria most hardly decide to talk to the press and the impression is that their fear is the greatest.


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Among them was Ahmed, a doctor who headed for the European Union with his wife and two children.


- I cannot talk. You have heard of IS they will kill me if they find me. I am fleeing from them, that is why I am here. In Syria, there is no more life for me - says Ahmed.


After a short persuasion that his story still needs to be heard, so that the world is to be shown that migrants are not a burden that should be freed from, but ordinary, normal people like all of us, who are just saving their lives, Ahmed decides to tell, though he talks much more, "into the ear", off camera, than officially.


Respecting his request, we only photograph him, not his family.


- I am going to Germany. I still do not know whether over Croatian or Hungary. I want to go with my family to Germany, this is my only goal. I am a doctor, a dermatologist. I had a job, but I had to go to Europe - claims Ahmed.


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


His story after turning the cameras off is much broader and more distressing. He approves of its publication, but does not want to repeat it in front of the camera. He says he fears for himself and his family that they will not be safe even when they arrive in Germany.


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- IS conquered the part of Damascus. I was held hostage for several days. I had to take care of their wounded, although I am not a surgeon. One soldier had severe wounds and died. There was nothing I could do. Then I realized they would kill me because they were convinced that I killed him. Do not ask me how I escaped. I was able to take advantage of a moment of inattention and ran to the nearby buildings where I was hiding. As soon as I came back to my house I picked up the basics and told the family that we were going. And here we are. We are now in Serbia. First we crossed Turkey, then by boat to Greece, then on foot through most of Macedonia and then by bus from the Serbian border to Belgrade - emphasizes Ahmed.


Asked whether he thought to try to find a job in Serbia due to the fact that for the migrants it is now virtually impossible to cross the border with Hungary, and it is increasingly difficult to reach Croatia, Ahmed responds:


- It would be very difficult to stay in Serbia because I believe that I will rather find a job in Germany than here. Germany is where I see my life with my family. We are nicely accepted here, but I do not believe that there is work for me. Serbs are good people, but I am just passing through - concluded Ahmed.


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