Lets not allow the 7.500 euros to decide between life and death: Lets HELP DRAGANA in the greatest fight of her life!

We call upon all people of good faith to help Dragana, as much as they can and withing their power

Dragana Belobrdjanin is suffering from cancer that first started at her uterus and then it metastasized on to lymph knots in her stomach, lungs and near the spine.

THIS BOY CAN BE A ROLE MODEL TO EVERYBODY: Little Lucijano is the VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and now he takes care of entire family!

Since 2012, when this dangerous disease was found, Dragana has been through many treatments, but non bare fruit. 

Doctors in Serbia were already prepared to give up on fighting for Dragana's life when a doctor from a private clinic expressed his opinion that they should contact the clinic in Ulm and professor Frank Gansauge, because he has been conducting the therapy on Dendritic cells for three years. 

After looking at Dragana's diagnosis he said that he can help Dragana, because he already treated patients with the same or similar problems. 

What presented to be the biggest problem in the most important fight of her life was the price of the treatment (without accommodation and the trip) which is 7.500 euros

Foto: Privatna kolekcija - Izveštaj lekara

Foto: Privatna kolekcija - Izveštaj lekara

Dragana's husband Nenad searched for different ways to reach out to people who could help them, and their sad story can be found on many sites. 

Nenad has a message that who doesn't have the money to give, and wishes to help, they can share this text on their Facebook or Twitter account:


Dragana's account:

Belobrđanin Dragana – Komercijalna banka
the number of the account

Her address for everyone who wishes to donate via post office:
Belobrđanin Nenad
Kralja Aleksandra Obrenovića 43
12370 Aleksandrovac (požarevački)


Paypal account has been created :

Foreign currency account in Intesa bank that Nenad had to open because of their payments in Germany and Paypal account in Intesa.

We were told from the bank that if anyone makes a payment in Intesa Sanpaolo bank in Bosnia, the provision will be smaller for everyone who wants to help.
Name of beneficiary NENAD BELOBRDJANIN
Beneficiary’s acc.number/IBAN RS35160543020081076080
Beneficiary’s bank Banca Intesa ad Beograd
Beneficiary’s bank SWIFT address DBDBRSBG


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