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Vucic: We want better relations with the Croatia, but we will know to protect our national and state interests

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was a guest on Radio Television of Serbia and he answered the questions regarding current issues in Serbia

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Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said last night that he is pleased with the Pride parade and it was held without an incident, and with that the state showed it functions and I can guarantee safety to different social groups.
Serbia will receive 30 MILLION EUROS from the European Union. Here's why!

- And the presence of state and city officials, we have shown that liability - Vucic said, adding that he personally did not supporter LGBT walks. Vucic said while on Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that he is not familiar if he was invited to participate, and even if he received the invitation he would not come.
- I guess they did call, but if I had time I would go to the wedding of Bate Gasic son, which brought together four or five times more people than the walk - Vucic said. Prime minister said that it is his private thing, but it is also the duty of the president of government to provide the safety for everybody.
The end of Merkel rule would be the end of the Europe as we know it
Vucic also pointed that the end of Angela Merkel rule next year would mean the end of Europe as we know it and the end of European Union.
Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

- We can see that many are looking forward seeing her lose, but I won't be happy, because she saved fall from conflict when the migrant crises and when there were sanctions threats here - said Vucic and added that he is loyal to Merkel, but it is not about loyalty, but it is more the question of rations.
- She invested much in Europe, they have greater surplus than all other countries of the Union, they are the greatest country in Europe, which is not simple for comparison. And if someone's power is shaking, that doesn't mean it will end with the lost elections.
"I am disappointed with Pavel's statement, Serbia is not threatening to anyone"
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that he is disappointed with the statement of the NATO general Petr Pavel that Balkan is another potential source of war conflicts, noting that Serbia is not threating anyone, and it is not to him to answer to that.
- It is not up to me to say anything, but we all know how it looked like 17 years ago and they should not threat us, because we did not threat anyone - said Vucic for the RTS.
Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

He added that he wishes to speak with Nato General secretary Jens Stoltenberg because, as he said, it would be important.
No foreign ambassador will lead the policy of government
- I know that many would like weak government, first of all weak Vucic, but for the first time, we as a country started winning and no ambassador will lead the policy of the government - said Vucic on RTS.
Serbian strategic goal is to be on the European road, he added.
- We want to be in that company, we do not hide that, but we want best possible relations with Russia, and in the same time have best relations with China. Besides, we would not have this kind of growth nor these public finance if it weren't for Chinese who bought the steelworks.
We want better relations with the Croatia and greater exchange
We will make every effort to have better relations with the Croatia, we will not threaten anyone, because it is a mutual interest to have the highest possible exchange, but we know that we protect our national and state interests, said yesterday Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.
Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

- We want to have the highest possible exchange. Today it is approaching billion, and was about 460 million. And it is a mutual interest. We are going to develop these relations, and for the first time Serbia is not at a disadvantage. We will continue to fight and to develop our economy - said Vucic.
Responding to whether it will be difficult in relations with the Croatia when Andrej Plenkovic HDZ member came at the head of the local government, Prime Minister Vucic said that Serbia will invest great efforts in relations with Zagreb.
- I'm not very optimistic because the Serbs are the main theme in Croatia. It was easier to relate victory on the diplomatic ground earlier, while it was Milanovic, will now be more difficult - Vucic said.
When asked to comment on the Croatian media that Croatia prepares serious response to the announced joint military exercise of Serbia, the Russian Federation and Belarus, Vucic said that our country had no answer when Croatia purchased weapons.
- We have not had any response when they purchased Patria armored howitzers and Hellfire missiles. For this we were silent, we did not say a word. We did not buy anything, we have little money and looking to develop our own military industry, what we do well - Vucic said.
Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

He added that the Serbian Army has many more joint exercises with NATO countries, within the framework of the Partnership for Peace, instead with the Russian Federation.
- I do not know what are they threatening. But I guess this is part of a folklore, because obviously they do not have other topics. We have, and that is the economy - said Vucic.
Our goal is three per cent growth in the next five years
- Three percent a year means roughly one billion and one hundred million euros of added value, it means that we can have that much debt, without the increase of the public debt in relation to GDP, then we can use any way we want, we can increase the salaries, pensions ... it's not important, but we will have the right to spend it any way we want - said Vucic.
What is good is that we have this growth based on investments and average growth of three percent or greater, and, he added, he expects four per cent next year, this is our plan.
Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

- And everyone laughed at me, hatred in Serbia is for all who are successful in Serbia - Vucic mentioned, and when we asked when will we have some big investment from Germany he said that we already have, such as Bosch, and the presence of such companies significantly changed the state of affairs in Serbia.
- It is a different map of Serbia with such a company here ... when you have Kontinental who is thinking about expanding its capacity, it also changes things - said Vucic.
Unpacking the Dayton Accords problem for all
- I'm afraid of everything if someone tries it. Serbia has an obligation as a signatory to the Dayton Agreement, but also the people across the Drina river also have the problem. Therefore, we do our best to reduce tensions - said the prime minister visiting the RTS.
Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Serbia, recalled Vucic, did not support the referendum, and he said he has no intention to interfere.
To the remark that the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic most loyal follower Erdogan, and that Dodik is going to Russia... The prime minister says:
"Serbia is a sovereign and independent country where citizens decide on its future. Our strategic goal is the European way, but also to have good relations with Russia. We have the best possible relations with China, where we are called "Europe's Pakistan". We did it. We would not have had this growth that the Chinese did not take steelworks", said Vucic.
Serbia is not behind the walls, but there will be no parking for Refugees
- Stefanovic, Vulin and some people who I highly respect, who are fighting for Serbia, they are for raising the walls. And it's just me against it, because I will not raise the walls. But Serbia will not be parking for Refugees - said Vucic visiting the RTS.
Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

He added that there are  6,500 migrants in Serbia, and that 81 percent of those who came are Afghans.
- They are very aggressive guys, real problems, mostly in Belgrade. For the first time we catch them in the robbery, and it is becoming more frequent. But that does not mean that we will implement repressive measures against them, but that means caution. I know how to preserve our country, because their number is increasing - Vucic said.
Good relations with all, to hear the Serbian voice
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that he will travel the United States at the annual conference "Clinton Foundation" because he wants Serbia to have good relations with all countries, for the Serbian voice to be heard.
- Do you want to have good relations with the future President of the United States, whoever it might be, or not - said Vucic visiting the RTS.
Foto: Milena Đorđević

Foto: Milena Đorđević

When asked what the purpose of his visit to the US, he said it was his job to establish the best relations with all countries in the world, and he wants for Serbian voice to be heard in the US.
"We are fighting not to lose 5: 0 as before, but to be even", said Vucic.
He said that, unlike the conspiratorial theory in public, he has a clear and precise attitude why go to the US, and noted that Serbia is a small country to be opted while even in the case of the presidential elections in the United States because, as he said, did not do in the case in Croatia.
Period on Savamala, decision after the court
Asked if he knows now who is responsible for the demolition in Hercegovacka street in Belgrade, Vucic noted that journalists, as well as RTS, are mainly interested in political symbols, because, as he said, it could destabilize the government, and because Serbia should not let go so quickly.
Printskrin: Insajder Video, Milena Đorđević

Printskrin: Insajder Video, Milena Đorđević

- It's like a helicopter story, helicopters are dropping in the world and none of it makes no such story - noted Vucic.
There is, in fact, as he explained, the circle of people who build a career on the helicopter story and that only they can offer citizens a grudge against him and to make a scandal, adding that many invested externally a lot of money to make that a case.
- You, however, I have to say, you forgot, when you asked who toppled in the Herzegovacka street, to say what has been destroyed there, and I need to tell you right now that there was nonsense, because it had to be done in broad daylight and in accordance with the law. Because it happens every day all over the world, but rarely few invest millions of euros to try to undermine the stability of the city and country - noted Vucic.
To the remark that he should put an end to this case, the prime minister said: I have put, and you're wrong, thinking you'll make me retract in order to say who the culprits are.
- It should be told by the prosecution, and then trial follows, but the court will say that someone is guilty. A mine is to bring rigid political decisions and bring them out. I will not, however, put pressure on prosecutors and judges, I've never called a single Judge. I end with the case - Vucic said.
About presidential election in six months
Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Foto: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Decision on Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) candidate for the presidential elections, we will make in six months, said last night the President of the progressives and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and again rejected speculation that he will run.
SNS will nominate the person who will receive the people's trust, Vucic told RTS and pointed out that President Tomislav Nikolic performed well and in a serious and responsible way did his job.
- We will make a decision in six months, not the time to deal with that, it is time to deal with laggards who make their whole life into campaign - said Vucic.
He denied that he would run in the presidential elections, stating that he could not imagine to be a candidate because, he says, he likes his job, there are certain tasks and he believes that it would not be fair to the citizens that he called to vote for the list he led.
I wanted two more changes in the government, but I had no more strength
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said last night that he wanted one or two changes during the formation of the new government, but he did not have enough power to carry out the work.
Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

Foto: Tanjug/Tanja Valič

- I wanted one or two changes that, for various political reasons, I could not work them out. I did not have enough power. Some things you just can not do, as I can not influence people to understand that it is necessary and how to privatize Red Star and Partizan - Vucic said a guest at RTS.
Asked whether the current government is better than last one, Vucic said that he has infinite trust and that, in the professional sense, he much likes Ana Brnabic.
(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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