MISTER TRUMP LOVED THAT HIS KIDS WERE BABYSAT BY SERBIAN: This is how grandma Milka taught Trump's kids to speak SERBIAN (VIDEO)

Grandma Milka worked with Trump family and, as she said, they are very good and decent people...

Milka Milisavljevic (85) from Belgrade lived in United States for 30 years, where she used to babysit children. For full eight years, she worked as a babysitter with Donald Trump, the new United States president, she took care of his kids from the first marriage, Donald Junior, Ivanka and Eric. 

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Trump did not approve violence but he wanted all problems to be solved with conversation and that is why he and grandma Milka cooperated for years very nicely. 

She thought Trump's children to speak Serbian, and Donald Jr knew to count to ten in Serbia.

She pointed out that Donald Trump was happy that the babysitter was Serbian because he has nice opinion about our country.

She pointed out that she wasn't surprised when Trump won the presidential elections and that it cheered her up very much and she believes that there won't be any wars during Trump's mandate.

Watch what grandma Milka discovered more about Trump and his family:


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