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New very popular position in Serbia from January: Excellent earnings, and the job is not DEMANDING at all!

Reservoir of work positions for interested managers is huge

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The adoption of the new Housing Law will open the possibility for new jobs. Under each roof, where there are more than four families, a residential community will have to be formed, and according to the law,a manager must be selected for a term of four years.


SERBS ARE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH NOR OF DRAFT: Their greatest fear is job, and they say you can get it only if you have connection!


Reservoir of work positions for interested managers is huge - in the official register of "Residential" 600.000 buildings were registered on the territory of the capital. 9.000 building don't have residential community.


Not anybody can be a manager. They have to be chosen, they will have to go through special training for the work. And when they pass all the tests, they will get a licence. With the certificate, they will be registered in the chamber of professional managers, which will be in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


Regulating the collection and regular income, will motivate many to be in this business, and some companies will expand their activities.


Even though nothing has been precisely regulated, 200-300 dinars should be the price per apartment. So if the building has only 12 apartments, which is not so common, the buildings are much larger, the manager will make 2.500 dinars a month. And imagine the building with 50 apartments - his monthly budget will be increased for around 100 euros.


There shouldn't be much work, if the tenants talk about everything on time, so this job is a nice way for some extra money.


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