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EXODUS OF THE YOUNG FROM CROATIA: 30.000 people left the country in one year, and they are all going to this country

Around 11 thousands moved to Croatia

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On the occasion of International Migrants Day, which was celebrated yesterday, Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics published data on migration in 2015.
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Last year somewhat around 30.000 people moved out of Croatia, while a but more than 11 thousands moved in. Among the emigrants there is mostly Croatian nationality, even 95.3%, and only 4.6% of foreigners, writes Index.hr.
In 2015 most people moved to Germany, 41.6% of them, that country was also popular destination in 2014, when 38.2% moved there, so it replaced Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, as countries who had the primary destination as Croatia. Considering the gender structure, most part of the migrants is consisted of males around 30. Women migrated from Croatia took 46..3% mostly in the late thirties.
From over 11 thousand people who came to Croatia, mostly are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the total number of migrated people, most of them came to Zagreb (23.6%) and then followed by Split-Dalmatia County, 15.6% of immigrants, and Istria, with 9.2%.

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