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British offers radical and dangerous solution: Best to make Great Serbia, Albania and Croatia!

Former head of the British Embassy in Banjaluka says that the project should be implemented in three phases

There are individuals on the west, which are in small minority, who stand for redrawing of the borders. United nations do not allow it, but Timothy Less, former chief of office of British embassy in Banjaluka forecasts that there could be new territorial changes on Balkans.
No one is safe! Where are we on danger map of terrorism?

British described the way to the solution of Balkan Crisis in the magazine "Foreign Affairs", which was only temporarily swept under the rug, while the West has strong influence.
"Bosnia is the weakest link in the region. Serbs and Croats are asking for changes in Dayton Agreement, which is the only thing keeping the land together. In MacedoniaAlbanians are asking for federalization, on KosovoSerbs who are minority, are insisting on enclave which would work on their own and independent from Pristina. In Serbia, in Presevo valley, Albanians are asking for greater autonomy. At the end, in Albania and in Kosovo, there are requests for Great Albania.
It is easy do discard everything in anger, which is done by politicians who want to remain popular with people. But it would be mistake to ignore the requests of the people, who showed dissatisfaction with multi-ethnic status quo and ask for changes. Westerns must recognize those demands and to make a radical turn in the approach, or to risk incitements.
Foto-montaža: Foto: Profimedia/AFP, Wikimedia/Gap, pixabay.com

Foto-montaža: Foto: Profimedia/AFP, Wikimedia/ Gap, pixabay.com

When Yugoslavia broke down, no one could know with certainty what will happen. One option was - for every people to have their own state, second would be some confederations, based on administrative borders. At the end, the West decided for every former Yugoslav republic to have their own state. By doing that, they thought they are doing the safest things, which won't cause conflicts. Multi ethnicity was doable at the moment. Sadly, it made many minorities feel like citizens of second class in someone else's state. It was just a pretty idea, but impracticable.
Europe tried to motivate Balkan countries with EU membership, but the idea is unsustainable. It is Europe's fallacy that minorities will sacrifice their fight for their rights for economic improvement.
First, Washington should please Albanian desire for federalization of Macedonia, and for Croats to set the third entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then in the second period, US must enable those territories to have close connections with their mother states, or to establish joint institutions. Thereby, they would formally stay withing the country they are now.
In the third, last faze, Croatian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina would join with Croatia, Serbia would get Republika Srpska and the north of Kosovo, Albanians would get Presevo Valley, west Macedonia and most of Kosovo. Montenegro could be left without the Albanian enclaves, independent or to merge with Great Serbia.
Printskrin: Youtube/Danube Institute

Printskrin: Youtube/Danube Institute

Potential conflicts could be settled and risks significantly reduced", concluded Timothy Less.

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