SHE TOOK THE GUN OUT OF ATTACKER'S HAND: Brave saleswoman disarmed the thief who wanted to rob the store

First she hit him on his hand, then with loud cursing in front of bewildered customers - she seized the gun

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In Probistip, quiet little city on the East of Macedonia, real drama occurred last night. Around 18.20, unknown man with a gun in his hand rushed in the local supermarket. He wanted money from the 44 year old owner of the market, threatening with the gun.  

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He expected easy money, instead of that, he faced brave woman who charged at him. First she hit him on his hand, then with loud cursing in front of bewildered customers - she seized the gun. 

Surprised and confused thief rushed headlong out of the supermarket, and the brave saleswoman started chasing him. Scared thief was quicker, but soon after the police found him and arrested him .

Jinxed thief wanted to get away in Police station. He gave fake identity to the authorities but, inspectors soon confirmed his true identity. He is S.K. (27) from the nearby town Stip, which was earlier known to the police for all kinds of criminal acts.

According to police, this was first attempt of robbery in Probistip.

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