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American WENT CRAZY FOR SERBIA, his fiance begs him: This music has to stop!

- He hasn't stopped listening to Serbian war songs in the last year - said the foreigner who visited Serbia with her fiance just a few times

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Foreign couple visited Serbia for few times and they will remember it for life. Besides the good time, food and beauties, they will remember the visits for our war songs and curses that drove him mad, and the same songs became her nightmare. That is why she asks for help. 

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Girl posted a comment titled "This music has to stop!" on the site for sharing and exchanging information Reddit, who visited Serbia with her fiance.

- My fiancee and I visited your beautiful country a few years ago and had a blast. Truly amazing experience! We liked it so much that we went back several times already and even made some friends we stay in regular contact with - also learning a language even if it's only some bits here and there and be able to use it in communication is awesome!

- What's not so awesome - I think my partner is getting brainwashed(?) into some ideology I don't understand. At first I thought it started out as a joke, but over time, and especially in the last year he just doesn't stop listening to Serbian war songs. And I mean that literally it's all he listens to nowadays. I understand some tunes are pretty catchy but this has to stop - said the foreigner that visited Serbia.

Foto: Profimedia/imageBROKER

Foto: Profimedia/imageBROKER

She adds that she tried talking to them but in vain.

Printskrin: Reddit.com

Printskrin: Reddit.com

- Also he ordered a Serbian flag recently and plans to put it on a wall in our apartment and replaced Serbian words in his day to day language. Now it's "sta?" all the time. And jebiga this jebiga that everything is jebiga. I am concerned he takes his affection for Serbia a tad too far but isn't having any of it.


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  • 1Milorad

    December 25, 2016 | 04:40

    fridom ,democracy, wellbeing, air,peapol, nature, is just little whot you can find in Serbia.


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