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American wishes happy New Year to Serbs and explained why he loves us: I will learn your language, i will spend my last days in MOTHER SERBIA (VIDEO)

He is grateful to everyone on heartwarming words and gifts, and on everything our people has done for him

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American Charles Cather, who promotes our country on YouTube videos, has amazed Serbia once again. Namely, he made a New Year video where he wished for happy holidays and showed how much he loves us. 

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The video was made in his office in Novi Sad, and he emphasized that he will have a good view on the New Year's concert when Zdravko Colic starts singing.

He pointed that the passing year was great for him because he visited his parents after three years and because he had the opportunity to live and work in the most beautiful city in the world.

He is especially pleased that his videos are viewed more and more in Serbia and he thinks that is a great achievement.

For New Year, he has set up a goal to learn Serbian language by October 2017. 

Foto: Printscreen Youtube/Charles Cather

Foto: Printscreen Youtube/Charles Cather

He remembers his first arrival to Serbia in May 2010 and he apologizes for making us speak his language on our territory.

He is grateful to everyone on heartwarming words and gifts, and on everything our people has done for him.

He points out that he really appreciates us and that we will be in his heart until his last breath, and that he will most probably spend the rest of his life in our country, or as he says "Mother Serbia".  

Charles repeats that we are lovely and special people, who can annoy him sometimes, but that doesn't stop him from loving and respecting us.

He opened the gift he received  from a Serb living in Switzerland in front of the cameras. There were some Swiss chocolates and one from home.

By the way he adds that Serbs are the people who love to give gifts to the loved ones, and that is why he spreads positive image to the world about us through his videos.

He points out that his goal is to attract as many tourists to our country as he can, and he prepares the field for that with his team.

At the end, he thanks again, congratulates New Year and repeats that he loves Serbian people very much.  

Watch the video:


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