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Fight against ice on rivers continues: Two icebreakers arriving from Hungary

Two ice breakers will arrive from Hungary that will help

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Two icebreakers will arrive to Serbia from Hungary later this day, which will help in breaking the ice caps on riverssaid Assistant Minister for water traffic Veljko Kovacevic.

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Kovacevic said that the situation was stable during the night, but the most critical points are in Dalj, then Borovo Village and the most critical is in Belgrade sector around Pupin bridge all the way to Grocka.

Foto: Facebook/Udruzenje ljubitelja reke Save Zeleni Raj

Foto: Facebook/Udruzenje ljubitelja reke Save Zeleni Raj

He said that he expects two icebreakers to arrive around 17:00 from Hungary.

- Our crew boarded around 8 o'clock ad it is expected for them to arrive around 17:00 in Apatin sector - said Kovacevic for RTS.

He claims that the situation is under control now, and that headquarters are meeting daily and that they are prepared for "any possible problem".

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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