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Meeting in Brussels failed, Albanians are preparing for war!

There were no serious talk between delegations because the positions were completely opposed, said the unnamed source of Deutsche Welle

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The meeting of delegations between Belgrade and Pristina last night in Brussels, "failed completely", reported by German radio Deutsche Welle this morning in the talk show on Albanian language, using the unnamed sources. On the other side, according to Tanjug findings, the fear grows on the Serbian side that Pristina is not giving up from the idea of attacking Serbs on the north of Kosovo

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It was not announced what happened last night in Brussels, on the second meeting of Belgrade and Pristina on high level, and the participants of the meeting respected the agreement with representative Federica Mogherini not to give any statements.

More precisely, delegation from Pristina respected it this time.

At least formally.

German radio Deutsche Welle on Serbian language reminds this morning that delegation from Pristina broke the agreement about "not commenting of the other side", as soon as the session was completed, and Mogherini reminded them herself on that.

"Was her message "less commenting, more engagement" a cause of leaving the last night's meeting in Brussels without statements, or the two sides did not reach any kind of agreement during the three hours of talks with the EU intermediaries which could be presented to the citizens who are affected by this?", asks the German radio.

Foto: Tanjug/Kancelarija za saradnju s medijima Vlade Srbije

Foto: Tanjug/Kancelarija za saradnju s medijima Vlade Srbije

The same radio, however, in the talk show on Albanian language gives a lot of more information, including that the "meeting has failed completely and that there were no results". 

Deutsche Welle, calling after unnamed, yet recognizable sources that, "besides bilateral meetings with EU representatives in the dialogue with Federica Mogherini and one photo together because of the host and the public, there was no serious conversation between delegations, because their positions were completely opposite.  

Diplomatic source from DW from Brussels pointed that:

The meeting was bad and without any result. Sides did not agree on continuation of dialogue and did not set the date when they could meet again - said in the program, but the radio did not state any further detail.

Tanjug, however, finds out that Serbian delegation accepted all propositions of EU for quiet solving of situation in Mitrovicawhich was one of the subjects of the conversation.

There was no agreement, but as they found out, there was fear on Serbian side that "Pristina did not give up from the idea about total attack on Serbian people on north of Kosovo and Metohija".

Does that mean that because of Pristina's attitude all possibilities have been depleted to reach some progress, which EU still sees as possible, and Mogherini said it is a key prerequisite for "preserving peace and progress towards EU" or there is no progress at all. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic estimated during dialogue that they entered the faze "when its getting harder and harder to reach any kind of joint decision".

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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