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RED STAR AND PARTIZAN FANS HAVE STABBED EACH OTHER: They watched the derby at a betting place, got into fight and knives started flashing

Bloody scenes were seen on the streets of Nis after a clash between Red Star and Partizan

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Although they were not actors of the derby, but only watched the match in a betting shop in Nis, two men from this town, S.DJ. (40) and M.DJ. (39) were stabbed in the street Dimitrije Tucovic after the match between Red Star and Partizan.

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The match of eternal rivals was the reason for the bloody conflict. As we found out, they were in a betting shop in Nis neighborhood "Ledena Stena" where they clashed verbally with one man and the fight was continued on the street.

The feud culminated in a fight with a knife, after which the attacker, who has been identified, fled the scene.

According to preliminary information, the injured men are not in life-threatening situation. Police is searching intensively for their attacker.

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

(Telegraf.co.uk /D.R.)

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