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The entire Europe is trying to hire this girl from Belgrade: She made a robot that shows emotions! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

She sold her first internet presentation when she was in sixth grade of elementary school, and she was the greatest fan of Nikola Tesla even then

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With only 24 years of age, Valerija Spasojevic from Belgrade has an enviable career in web design, programming and robotics. From the first site she made when she was 12, she is now a name foreigners have to struggle to employ, write Vecernje Novosti.

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In a few weeks, she will become the manager of the world-famous company "Babbel" in Berlin, and she will probably be decades younger than those she will be leading.

Great success was preceded by NASA award for the creation of smart suit for astronauts, gold meals from robotics and programming, lectures in schools that are in web-design, award-winning projects and web presentation.

She achieved work for foreign companies, and great success in private enterprise when she was just 20.

Perhaps, the development of her story was encouraged because she literally absorbed the literature she read as a child - she read everything regarding Nikola TeslaShe wasn't some great student, mostly very good, because she wasn't interested in grades. She was interested in what she was best in.

Printskrin: Youtube/SPACEVENT

Printskrin: Youtube/SPACEVENT

She was awarded for incredible success from the field of technical education, in sixth grade. And as the era of technical progress moved to Serbia, each house got interned, and so did Valerija.

While other children surfed the net for fun, she was interested to make web sites

-- I sold my first internet presentation in sixth grade for 800 dinars. In the next months i read and looked every tutorial regarding web design and video montage. I continued making sites for home market, and i enrolled to Polytechnic School - robotics - said Valerija.

At the second year of studies she assembled Lego robots from different parts of the engine, sensors, gears and she had the opportunity to study on a real robotic hand that was available.

- That was a beginning and a moment i discovered my true passion, and the principle of school and professors noticed that and supported me - remembers Valerija.

She lists NASA award as one of the of the dearest for creating the smart suit for astronauts. She won first award in Serbia two years ago with colleague Dusan Gladovic, and at the international level OPEN NASA listed them as top 10 best solutions in space.

One of Valerija's projects was a robot Dugi which was 130 cm tall, 50 kilos heavy, who knows to talk, walk and show emotions.

Few weeks ago she got a job in Berlin company, but she said:

- I'll be back to Serbia!

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vecernje novosti)



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